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Voices of Soul and the Chromatones

Despite performing songs in a different genre and style than VOS, the Chromatones similarly gave an energetic and crowd-pleasing performance that had the audience cheering when the singers would successfully hit higher and longer notes.

Interview with Emily Pollack

 This week, JustArts&Culture talked with Emily Pollack ’21, the director of the play “R&J,” an adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” by Joe Calarco. The play reinvents the classic story by setting it in an all-girls Catholic school and tells a series of “forbidden” stories surrounding the four main characters.  

Just Arts Spotlight on the Rose Art Museum

Anyone who has written a Spotlight article or even just been to the Rose will encourage you to go and to see the exhibits on display there. I would like to take it one step further: go to the Rose and spend some quality time with a piece that DOESN’T speak to you. See what happens. It may be nothing, but you’ll never know until you try. 

Today is for ‘Yesterday’s Tomorrow’

These are just some of the pieces that caught my eye upon my first visit. If any of these comments interest you in one of the specific pieces or the museum in general, pay a visit to this fine establishment.

TSA presents: ‘My Home, Formosa’

As someone from a similar cultural background, I appreciated TSA’s dedication to this cultural event. The event introduced and shared the essence of Taiwanese culture while offering belonging for those who are away from home.

Interview with J.B. Barricklo

A Theater Arts Production of “The Tempest” by William Shakespeare will be presented on March 6 -8 and March 13-15 in Laurie Theatre. This week, JustArts&Culture spoke to Mr. Barricklo, the director of the production at the Brandeis Department of Theater Arts, about the coming events. 

Interview with Amy Chen

 This week, JustArts&Culture talked with Amy Chen ’22, the co-president of Brandeis Drawing Club, on the club’s event “Art of Paper-cutting” last Tuesday. 

Critic’s Academy Award predictions

In just under a week, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will crown its winners of the coveted Oscar statuette. “Joker” leads the pack this year with 11 nominations, but will the film’s popularity as a nominee propel it all the way to a Best Picture win?

Krautsourcing: socially engaged art

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to speak over the phone with Nash to discuss the exhibition as well as the upcoming Lacto-Fermentation Workshop, which will be held at the Kniznick Gallery at the WSRC on Feb. 8. 

Spotlight on the Dreitzer Gallery 01/28/2020

 For most people, the sky is one of the most familiar subjects of nature, yet it is a totally unfamiliar space for most people. To me, the darkness over the sky is the unknown part of the world that we unconsciously forget, even though it is looming over our heads everyday.   

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