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Spotlight on the Senior Mid-Year Exhibition

I will likely never know if this is indeed the message the artist had in mind while creating this extraordinary work of art. But I do know this: profound philosophical lessons can be learned anywhere; therefore, it is our imperative to seek out as many opportunities as possible to learn those lessons.  

Spotlight on the Rose 12/10/2019

 The way this piece was presented looked like a tent. It brought back fond summer memories like hanging out with my friends on a warm and clear evening or sitting around a campfire singing, laughing and making s’mores.  

Will you have some tea with C2B?

The Club Cantonese @ Brandeis presented their annual culture show on Friday in Levin Ballroom. The theme of this year’s culture show was “Tsum Zao Seoi Yuet,” which means “looking for Cantonese Culture through time” in Cantonese.  

Undergraduates showcase moving music

While I did not expect to be startled by drums, or even  absolutely enthralled by the concert, what was most unexpected was the realization that the action of simply attending a concert would have the profound effect of preserving someone’s legacy. 

Behind the scenes of ‘Shtisel’

On Oct. 29, I received a Branda notification that said some of the actors from “Shtisel” would be coming to Brandeis on Nov. 21. I practically jumped out of my chair and immediately got tickets.  

Once upon a time at ‘Mela’

 The Brandeis South Asian Student Association hosted their 18th annual “Mela,” a show that has brought members of the Brandeis community together since 2001. 

The Mystic Light In Poetry

This event exceeded my expectations of a biographic lecture on a well-loved poet, and enlightened me on the many layers of religious history and spiritual exploration in Bialik’s poetry. 

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