You are a leader, but try taking the backseat this week. Keep in mind, no one likes a backseat driver, so zip it! Let someone else take control. The mystery will be a vibe for you, and you’ll learn to appreciate a supporting role. Today: chillax. 


Take the time to call a family member you haven’t spoken to in a while this week. Ask them a question you never have before. Who knows, you may discover something you never even knew. Worth a shot, no? Today: no one likes a teacher’s pet. 


You have a tendency to let your emotions overtake you in important decision making. When it comes to money matters, try to not do that – especially this week. Today: Get grinding.


Work may be a serious stressor for you. This week you could be tested to your limits, but don’t fret! When you’re done, you will be so proud, A+! Today: relax before the storm. 


When someone asks you how you are doing this week, try telling them a detailed version of what you’re feeling. Maybe ask a friend to have lunch or go out to eat. Make sure to pack your leftovers neatly. Today: don’t be afraid to be a bitch! 


This week will bring new sights and sounds. Listen carefully as you walk to work or school because you might hear something crucial. Gossip? A bird? Up to your interpretation. Today: Something spontaneous. 


You’ve been feeling timid lately, which is not necessarily in your nature. Don’t let one aspect of your personality define the rest. Be reserved when you need to, but don’t lose sight of who you are. Today: avoid construction sites. 


This week you’ll be approached by multiple animals — a dog out for a walk, a bunny on the quad. Upon contact, give your furry friend a knowing nod and connect with it via your shared needs, such as food, shelter, friendship, etc. Today: stay in. 


This will be an awesome time to play the numbers — get that lotto ticket! You are going to have one lucky week. With a skip in your step, get to those chores you’ve been meaning to do. Today: something sweet.


If someone approaches you with a great opportunity, jump at it. Throw caution to the wind, but be sure to check the windchill, if you know what I mean. All that glitters isn’t gold. Today: away from it all. 


If you do something upsetting this week, DO NOT blame it on being a Sagittarius. Own up to your actions, unless it was kind of funny — then in that case feel free to ascribe your questionable choices to one small aspect of your astrological chart. Today: wear your fav outfit :) 


Get grounded this week. Do the things you love to do. Resume that quarantine activity you haven’t picked up in a while. Get reconnected with yourself, and good things will follow. Reach out to a friend, or do something nice for a stranger, too. Don’t just think about you! Today: read a book.