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What DeSantis’s Newton pit stop — and ensuing protests — tell us about the Massachusetts Family Institute’s growing influence

On the evening of Oct. 13, crowds of protesters gathered outside the Newton Marriott to stand against the Massachusetts Family Institute, a conservative nonprofit holding their annual fundraising banquet inside the hotel. Partway through, they were met with a surprise: Florida Governor and 2024 presidential hopeful for the GOP nomination Ron DeSantis was there on the scene to speak at the event. 

Veggie tales: Students talk about being vegetarian on campus

There is no greater relief for a vegetarian at Brandeis University than to see the little “V” symbol while scanning the television screen menus in the dining hall. Similarly, for vegans, the little carrot symbol may provide comfort and excitement when trying to find dining options on campus. Seeing the rising concern for the global climate crisis, many people have been changing their lifestyle choices to include less red meat or no meat at all; in pescatarian, vegetarian, or even vegan diets.

One student’s legacy: Alumna Alexandra Thomas returns to teach at alma mater

Alumna Alexandra Thomas ʼ18 is an adjunct professor in the African and African American Studies department for the fall 2023 semester. A scholar of cross-disciplinary expertise in African diasporic art, photography and new media, Black feminist thought, and queer theory, Thomas was invited by the AAAS department to teach the course “History of African American Art.”

October in Brandeis history

On Oct. 7, 1995, a researcher spilled Phosphorus 32 — a radioactive isotope with a 14.3 day half life — in a lab in Kalman Science Center. According to an Oct. 15 Justice article, it took two hours for the spill to be caught, at which point the researcher had tracked the phosphorus from their shoes into other parts of the building.

What’s the deal with college rankings?

Last Monday, University President Ron Liebowitz made an appearance in students’ inboxes, informing them of Brandeis’ substantial drop of sixteen spots in the 2024 U.S. News and World Report’s annual ranking of universities. 

Moody Street’s best bubble tea shop is run by a Brandeis junior

Angel Zhao ‘25 has a loaded schedule — she’s currently studying for the MCAT, completing a Biology major, working on an art history minor, and learning guitar and keyboard. But on top of her school workload, she’s also the owner and manager of Angel Tea, a beautiful, brightly-lit restaurant and tea shop on Moody and Taylor. 

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