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Views on the News: Mike Bloomberg Presidential Run

  On Nov. 21, billionaire politician Michael Bloomberg announced his candidacy for President of the United States as a moderate alternative to a Democratic swing to the left in an attempt to defeat current U.S. President Donald Trump in the 2020 election. Many have been quick to criticize the launch of his campaign, citing the undue influence billionaires have within politics to launch and self-fund campaigns without relying on average citizens’ support, as well as concerns that this wealth makes for politicians that are unaware of the struggles of the common man. How do you view Bloomberg’s campaign in the context of our current political and economic climate? Do you think he presents a new type of candidate that could beat Trump in 2020?  

Letter to the Editor: Accessibility: One Year Later

 One year ago, a new movement was beginning to form on this campus, with people from many corners of the Brandeis community coming together. Students with and without disabilities were fed up with the structural ableism and inaccessibility at Brandeis, and after years of frustration, knew that they needed to take action. This action took the form of a letter to President Liebowitz, the Student Union, and both campus newspapers, along with an attached document of anonymous personal testimonies illustrating the discrimination and barriers that students with disabilities face at Brandeis. The planning and drafting of these documents took two months, with much collaboration from a large group of students, and conversations and edits across multiple social media platforms. But our final product was something we would learn to be powerful —- not just a strongly written document, but a new era for disability activism at Brandeis.  

Letter to the Editor: Protest Response

 I want to thank the Editorial Board of the Justice for raising important issues with respect to the University policy on student protests in the students’ Rights and Responsibilities handbook. But it is important for the community to understand that there has been no change in the advance notice policy in this year’s handbook: instead, three new sentences were introduced this year to underscore the university’s commitment to free speech and freedom of expression, not to restrict it. 


Arts & Culture

Spotlight on the Rose 12/10/2019

 The way this piece was presented looked like a tent. It brought back fond summer memories like hanging out with my friends on a warm and clear evening or sitting around a campfire singing, laughing and making s’mores.  

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