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Late Night Thoughts says goodbye to college life

Back at their home on Russell Street, Late Night Thoughts members Michael Harlow ’19 and Brian Rauch ’19 can be found writing lyrics for their next hit single. The pair often writes and rehearses in one of the common rooms, which they have equipped with a drum set, keyboard, bass, guitar and PA system. To them, music has always played an important part in their lives, but it wasn’t until coming to Brandeis that they strove to become professional musicians and became one of the most popular bands on campus. 

What's the tea?

On March 12, Moody St. gained an exciting new store: Kung Fu Tea. This store specializes in bubble tea, offering a wide variety of flavors and variations of the popular beverage. The bubble tea craze has recently dominated the beverage world of the United States. Popular restaurants, including the many Thai food locations scattered around the Waltham area, incorporate variations of this Taiwanese drink into menus, but those are often substandard compared to that of specialty shops. This new addition to the Waltham community has not disappointed the boba-fanatics of Brandeis.


Views on the News: Brexit

 This coming Friday, the United Kingdom is set to leave the European Union with or without  trade and economic deals, unless an extension is agreed upon by the Union. The International Monetary Fund has stated that the UK leaving the EU abruptly would shrink the country’s Gross Domestic Product and could trigger a recession and a deterioration of the world economy. Do you agree with the IMF’s analysis? How do you think the UK leaving the EU without a deal will impact the UK’s and the EU’s economies in the immediate aftermath, and the world economy in the long term? 

Editorial: Union should re-evaluate duties and values

 Last week, Executive Senator Kent Dinlenc ’19 introduced a proposal to de-charter The Brandeis Hoot, a campus newspaper established in 2005. The Senate waited a week between the proposal introducing to the Senate members and voting on it. This break allowed time for students to rally in support for The Brandeis Hoot, which circulated a petition asking students and clubs to “stand in solidarity with us and support that The Hoot should not be de-chartered as a club on campus.” 

Give those whose views you disagree with a chance to speak

 At the invitation of the Brandeis Young Americans for Liberty, Fox News anchor John Stossel presented his lecture “Freedom and its Enemies” to a crowd of around two hundred people in Olin-Sang 101 two weeks ago. I was in the front row. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but whatever it was, I did not get it. 


Arts & Culture

Fun on Great Lawn

As part of the Festival of the Creative Arts, Brandeis’s pep band Music And Dance Band performed on the Great Lawn behind the Shapiro Campus Center on April 7th.  

Arts in Archives

  Art & Text in the Archives, an event hosted at Brandeis University Archives & Special Collections as a part of the Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts, showed many texts that ranged in design and age for all to enjoy. 

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