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Students gathered in the SCC to play Bingo as part of Kindness Day programming!


EDITORIAL: Campus WiFi outages need urgent fixing

 Throughout the last week or so, internet access through eduroam on campus has been intermittent. The spotty WiFi on campus has been an ongoing issue affecting students, faculty and staff. This has been a noticeable problem on campus for a while, but connection has been particularly unreliable as of late. Brandeis Information Technology Services had acknowledged the “intermittent connectivity issues” as early as the morning of Tuesday, Nov. 12, but this problem has persisted. These connectivity issues coincide with the completion of  scheduled maintenance to the campus wireless network, which ended on Nov. 12. As of the time of this issue’s publication, no campus-wide communication about these internet lapses has been sent. 

Views on the News: Bolivian Uprising

 On Sunday, Evo Morales resigned as Bolivia’s president, following an increasingly violent uprising, coupled with the country’s military pulling its support for his government. The conflict arose due to an alleged manipulation of votes in the most recent election, in which Morales declared victory. Morales has since been granted asylum by Mexico, while officials in Bolivia have a warrant out for his arrest. What do you think the consequences of Morales’ resignation will be for the country, as well as the international community?  


Arts & Culture

Interview with Anna Cass

This week, justArts&Culture spoke with Anna Cass ’21, a member of the TBA Improv and Sketch Comedy, about the “Judges vs. Owls: TBA and Bad Grammar’s 4th Annual Joint Show” on Nov. 13.

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