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The ghosts of the Company F. State Armory

The Company F. State Armory, located on Sharon Street in Waltham, is a gorgeous, vacant brick shell of a building. It contains three crumbling floors, and Watch CDC reported it to be roughly 8,000 square feet internally. Sometime in the late Fall of 2022, I entered it for a second time – the first had been with a friend, through its open basement. I brought a backpack containing a flashlight, pepper spray, and a bag of plain Lays chips, just in case I was struck by the urge to have a crunchy little snack somewhere amid the splinters. 

Unionizing is off the menu at Waltham Starbucks

On the afternoon of Sunday, Jan. 22, Erin Brown, a Junior and current part-time student at Bentley University in Waltham, posted a picture of a Kewpie baby figurine smiling innocently and holding a pink cup of coffee on her Instagram story with the caption, “me at my silly little job making lattes and sticking to the status quo because why unionize and put pressure on corporations when instead we could just continue to be expendable minions,” followed by a smiley face that made her sarcasm abundantly clear to her followers. Brown’s post was in response to the results of a union election at her workplace two days earlier, when her coworkers voted against unionizing by a 30% margin. The majority of employees voted in the secret ballot election; eight voted to unionize, while 15 voted against it. 

What can Marriage Pact tell us about dating at Brandeis?

For the second semester in a row, the matchmaking service Marriage Pact, which pairs ostensibly romantically-compatible students at 78 participating universities through an anonymous 50-question survey, has come to Brandeis. Just like last time, a third of Brandeis’ undergraduate population participated. Also, just like last time, the buzz flatlined almost immediately after matches were released. 


State on fire today, state underwater tomorrow

We need to take steps to protect our environment now because the climate is already changing. We have the technology, and if we act now, we might have the time to make a big difference. We don’t need to live in floods and flames.

Support and resources for our return to campus

The spring 2023 semester has officially begun, bringing with it the arrival of midyear students and the start of classes. As we start a new semester, the Brandeis community also continues to grapple with and process last November’s shuttle accident that led to dozens of injuries and the loss of student Vanessa Mark’s life. In light of these added strains to the start of a new term, this board would like to offer support, resources, and reminders to our fellow students. 

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