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Lea Zaharoni


What DeSantis’s Newton pit stop — and ensuing protests — tell us about the Massachusetts Family Institute’s growing influence

On the evening of Oct. 13, crowds of protesters gathered outside the Newton Marriott to stand against the Massachusetts Family Institute, a conservative nonprofit holding their annual fundraising banquet inside the hotel. Partway through, they were met with a surprise: Florida Governor and 2024 presidential hopeful for the GOP nomination Ron DeSantis was there on the scene to speak at the event. 

What’s the deal with college rankings?

Last Monday, University President Ron Liebowitz made an appearance in students’ inboxes, informing them of Brandeis’ substantial drop of sixteen spots in the 2024 U.S. News and World Report’s annual ranking of universities. 

“Dirt Shrine” brings martyrs down to Earth

Neither Astrid Schneider '23 nor Juliette Lillywhite '23 entered Brandeis as Studio Art majors — both found the program by means of pure exploration. “During my freshman year I took 'Drawing Under the Influence'. It was the only class I cared about,” said Schneider during an April 20 interview with the Justice in the Epstein art studios, as they prepared their work for their and Lillywhite’s upcoming exhibit “Dirt Shrine.”

What can Marriage Pact tell us about dating at Brandeis?

For the second semester in a row, the matchmaking service Marriage Pact, which pairs ostensibly romantically-compatible students at 78 participating universities through an anonymous 50-question survey, has come to Brandeis. Just like last time, a third of Brandeis’ undergraduate population participated. Also, just like last time, the buzz flatlined almost immediately after matches were released. 

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