A bit of advice for everyone, no matter your sign: the moon is in Cancer, which can lead to amplified emotions and potentially the want to distance yourself from others — be aware of this and look for ways to connect with others emotionally this week. Use this Cancer energy to do something creative, and let yourself be more comfortable in your emotions.


As the cardinal fire sign of the zodiac and the first sign of the zodiac year, you are full of life and energy! However, don’t use this energy to rush into things you may regret later. Take the time this week to think before you act, and use your energy on things that will benefit you. There is an advantage to taking the slow path (sometimes!), so utilize your energy where it is most needed and don’t waste it on things that aren’t worth your time. 


  Since the full moon in Leo is coming up on Feb. 16, remember who you are! The Cancer energy right now might make you want to retreat into your shell, but the Leo energy coming out on the 16th will remind you of your worth! Don’t accept less than you deserve this week!


We are in Aquarius season! You may have felt slightly more spiritual or philosophical this past month, but with the sun moving into Pisces (and your 10th house of career) at the end of the week, you will likely shift your focus towards more career/ambitious goals for the next month! Make sure to take advantage of the energy of this week, though, as Geminis have a tendency to procrastinate and burn themselves out doing work;  keep an eye out for those habits this week!


Since the moon is in Cancer until the 16th, take advantage of this energy as it will likely benefit you. Allow yourself to feel your emotions, whether good or bad, and let yourself enjoy this upcoming Valentine’s Day! On Feb. 14, mercury will enter Aquarius and into your eighth house, which could lead to intense emotions. Don’t let that stop you from having a good time! Be on the lookout for random emotional outbursts or moody behaviors this week. Try to combat them with a little extra self-care. Be extra kind to 

yourself this week!


The only full moon in Leo in 2022 is happening this Wednesday, Feb. 16! Take this time to use the energy for yourself! Get yourself a box of chocolates — don’t wait around for someone else! Commit yourself to healthy self-care habits this week, and maybe take it easy on Valentine’s Day so you can really go all-out during the full moon on Wednesday! 


Mercury enters Aquarius in your fifth house this week, which is perfect for sparking a little extra love in your relationships this Valentine’s Day! This will last until March, but it is the perfect start to Valentine’s Day and setting the mood in your romantic relationships for the next month. The full moon in Leo on Wednesday, Feb. 16 will enhance your ability to see the roles that other people play in your life. Think about these roles and really try to take note of what roles play a good part in your life and who needs to be cut out of the script. 


Mercury, planet of communication, enters Aquarius this week and as a result lands in your fourth house which rules domesticity. You might feel like more of a homebody during this transit, and you should embrace that! Especially during the last major month of winter, it’s always nice to stay inside and watch the snow from the warmth of your room. Take Valentine’s Day to spend time with the people who mean the most to you, even if you aren’t in a romantic relationship, spending quality time with friends is never a bad idea! 


Mercury is entering Aquarius this week and right into your sixth house. Be on the lookout for anything that might send you over the edge. Don’t force yourself to do anything you don’t want to. Take the time to prepare ahead for the fun you’ll have this week: do face masks with friends or take a day to rest and recharge before the February break next week! The full moon in Leo on Wednesday in your 12th house might lead you to surrender some of the control you have over aspects of your life. Letting go might be a relief, but don’t let someone overshadow you during this time either.


This year’s only full moon in Leo could bring some long-distance friendships into light this week. This full moon will land in your ninth house of perspective and travel; this might mean that people from around the world might reach out to you, or this could also be the perfect time to share a project or message with the world. Keep in mind, however, that at this time Venus and Mars are meeting in Capricorn in your second house of value and money. You should use that energy to consider your worth and if you’re getting what you deserve out of jobs/opportunities.


The communication planet Mercury is falling into Aquarius in your second house of value and money this week. Consider who you are spending your time and energy with and if it is worth it in the long run for you. The moon in Cancer might have you wanting to stay in this year and watch movies instead of going out for dinner. The full moon in Leo falls into your eighth house of sexuality and resurrection on Wednesday, Feb. 16. That might mean an invitation for extended Valentine’s Day celebration, or simply clearing the air with someone you have had bad blood with. 


Not only will this week have the sun in Aquarius, but Mercury is moving into Aquarius as well! This is good news for any Aquarian, as this represents a communication refresh. There were facets of your life where you have struggled to communicate. This week, you might find it easier to look on the bright side. Your “freespirit” tendencies will come into play as well; embrace them this Valentine’s Day. Make fun plans with someone this week, be spontaneous, take a day for yourself, or make plans for the upcoming February vacation next week! 


This week is very eventful for a Pisces, especially in the career aspect of your life! The full moon in Leo on Feb. 16 could bring a burst into your self-confidence regarding your career or aspirations. That, coupled with the Mars and Venus transit in Capricorn will have you feeling motivated and ready to tackle anything life throws at you. Wednesday is the day to let your voice be heard and make significant strides in your work life. Pisces season begins at the end of the week on Friday, Feb. 18, so make sure to celebrate the beginning of February vacation and the beginning of Pisces season by spending quality time with friends!