The Undergraduate Theater Collective hosted their fall musical of Firebringer Nov. 19-21. The original Starkid production of this musical went viral on YouTube which was uploaded on Jan. 1, 2017.

Firebringer 11.18.21 NZ 0718.JPG
Keeri, played by Rebecca Perlmutter ’24, and Zazzalil show off the spear, which Zazzalil had just invented.

Firebringer 11.18.21 NZ 0608.JPG
Emberly, played by Nicole Garmizo ’22, and Grunt, played by Nico Miller ’25, sing “Just a Taste” about Emberly’s new invention of the sandwich.

Firebringer 11.18.21 NZ 0243.JPG
Jemilla, played by Lana Taffel ’ 25, sings “Jemilla’s Lament” about how Zazzalil is not following her orders as the leader of the Homo sapien tribe.

Firebringer 11.18.21 NZ 0293.JPG
Jemilla and Zazzalil get into an argument about the rules that Jemilla is putting forward, and ultimately who is going to be leading the tribe going forward.