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Physicist recounts developments in gravitational waves discovery research

(03/13/18 10:00am)

Ysin-Yu Chen spoke to the Brandeis Physics Department on Thursday about the discovery of gravitational waves and the future of gravitational research. Chen, who completed her Ph.D. at the University of Chicago and began postdoctoral work at Harvard University this past fall, is a member of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory.

Waltham High School proposes alternative to Parkland solidarity walk-out for its students

(03/13/18 10:00am)

As high school and college students across the country prepare for walk-out protests on March 14, Waltham High School leaders are encouraging students to protest without leaving school grounds. In a March 9 letter sent home to students’ parents, Principal Gregory DeMeo explained the school’s alternative to the planned protest: a short meeting in the gym during the scheduled walk-out, according to a March 9 Wicked Local article.

Journalist speaks on antibiotic resistance

(03/06/18 11:00am)

On Christmas Day 1948, scientist Thomas H. Jukes checked the results of an experiment with chicken feed — he noticed that chicks who were fed small amounts of antibiotics gained more weight than those who were not. Jukes was one of a number of scientists conducting experiments to find an inexpensive feed for livestock to compensate for the market losses following WWII, and he thought he had stumbled upon a possible solution. According to journalist and Schuster Institute of Investigative Journalism fellow Maryn McKenna, Jukes’ discovery caused a massive upheaval in the system of raising livestock as well as “a profound human health threat that would sweep the world.”

Scholar explores the reality of speaking Spanish in America

(03/06/18 11:00am)

This week, renowned linguistics professor and researcher Kim Potowski came to Brandeis to discuss the myths that surround the American variation of the Spanish language. Potowski is a professor of linguistics at the University of Illinois, Chicago and has conducted research on a wide variety of topics, such as Spanish in the U.S., language change between generations and language diversity in America. Due to her thought-provoking research and its relevance to many of the programs offered at Brandeis, the Latin American and Latino Studies program, the Romance Studies department, the Linguistics program and the Dean of Arts and Sciences worked in tandem to invite Potowski to speak about her research.