At the Student Union's March 3 meeting, the Senate discussed hosting a clothing exchange event, most likely in the Sherman Function Hall for March 20. Students would bring in old clothes in exchange for new clothes.

During the meeting, there were reports from each committee. Senator Rachel Gao ’25, the chair of the Club Support Committee, reported that many clubs were chartered during this time. Senator Chloe Doonan ’26, the chair of the Event Committee, stated that the committee was working on a guide for internal and external events that the student union hosts.

Senator Allison Wiener ’25, chair of the Rules Committee, discussed meeting a consultant named Micheal Miller to work on a constitutional review. They have worked with many universities, particularly student governments, including the University. They plan to fix the Constitution’s bylaws.

Senator Kat Xikes ’26, the chair of the Facilities, Housing, and Transportation Committee, reported that they have talked to public safety and the Department of Community Living about how bike-friendly the campus is. They discussed how many bike racks are on campus and where they are located.

Senator Sahil Muthuswami ’24, the chair of the Health and Safety Committee, had a couple meetings with the Brandeis Counseling Center. They discussed how to spread more awareness about their free services to students. They are planning a tabling event in upper Usdan on March 27. The service dog, Teddy, will be at this event.

Senator Yoni Kahn ’24, co-chair of the Social Justice and Diversity Committee, expedited an initiative to have an event for International Women's Day. The event will occur this Friday, March 8 and will include chocolate, stickers, trivia, a photo booth and custom cards students can give to friends. The Senate passed the initiative.

Senator Kahn ’24 also discussed an event for The Educational Network for Active Civic Transformation on April 4. At this event, students would be assisted in signing up for a digital platform that encourages civic engagement through a points system. Students would be awarded points for writing to a senator or going to a debate.

Senator Cameron Sherman ’26, co-chair of the Dining Committee, is looking for ways to communicate better with the dining administration on students' concerns. The committee is working on an initiative to fix the feedback wall in the Sherman Dining Hall and find a new way to address allergy concerns. This initiative is still in progress and will be discussed again at a future meeting.

The Sunflower Lanyard Initiative was passed, presented by Senator Ria Escamilla-Gil ’27, co-chair of the Social Justice Committee, at the last Student Union Meeting. The initiative's purpose is to raise awareness of people with non-visible disabilities. With this initiative, a person with a hidden disability would wear a sunflower lanyard with an ID describing their hidden disabilities as well as what support they need.

Editor’s Note: Justice staff writer Ria Escamilla-Gil ’27 is a Student Union senator, and did not contribute to this article.