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Include prenatal care in Affordable Care Act coverage

Jennie Bromberg
(03/17/15 1:48am)

Last Thursday, more than 50 House Democrats and more than 30 national advocacy groups like Planned Parenthood sent letters to the Department of Health and Human Services, urging the Obama administration to classify pregnancy as a “qualifying life event” under the Affordable Care Act. A qualifying life event is when something major happens in one’s life, like a change in family size, such as giving birth or getting married, that allows an enrollment period to open up to sign up for health care.

Encourage understanding in Israel-Palestine conversation

Kahlil Oppenheimer
(03/31/15 1:48am)

On March 21, over 3,000 people applauded after each and every sentence of the “Pro Israel Pro Peace” sentiment delivered at J Street’s 5th national conference in Washington D.C.The J Street president, Jeremy Ben-Ami, announced that Americans should support a two-state solution because it is good for Israel’s stability, condemn expanding settlements in the West Bank because it is good for Israel’s reputation and think critically of Israel’s government because it is good for Israel’s health.While I agree that Americans should support two states, condemn expanding settlements and think critically of Israel’s government, I do not think we should do it because we are pro-Israel.

Reader Commentary

(03/31/15 1:53am)

Support China’s 2022 Olympic bidIn response to your article “Deny Beijing 2022 Olympics bid on human rights violations” (March 24): I found your article ignorant of several points regarding China.You write, “We shouldn’t allow China to host such an esteemed international event again.

Reevaluate views on Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Mark Gimelstein
(04/21/15 12:38am)

Just 22 years ago, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act was passed unanimously by the House of Representatives, approved by the Senate by a vote of 97 to 3 and then signed by President Bill Clinton into law. The justification for passing such a law at the time was to countervail the decision made by the Supreme Court in the wrongfully-decided 1990 case Employment Division v.