As we approach the final weeks of the fall 2023 semester, we as a board understand that it has been a stressful time for students with everything going on. 

On Nov. 22, Brandeis announced that on Tuesday, Dec. 5, classes will be canceled and a day-long teach-in session will be held. This cancellation of classes affects a large number of class schedules with professors canceling class or having to adjust the originally planned in-class final exams at the last minute, students feel overwhelmed and frustrated by the poorly timed event. This change of classes comes at an already stressful time, as students try to wrap up final projects, cram for exams, and simply make it through the last days of the semester. 

This board calls for more effective communication from the administration since there has been little information shared after the email sent on Nov. 22, no details of the event until now, and no coordination for classes, putting high pressure on both professors and students. 

For the next semester, rather than a “new year, new me” attitude, the administration needs to fix lingering issues around scheduling, communication between faculty and administrators, and event planning that consults all stakeholders. While the teach-in aims to bring everyone together to improve the current status, a single day of discussion cannot transform all the problems across campus at this time. The administration should provide more ways and events to relieve students who are suffering at this time.

As this semester comes to an end and the spring semester arrives, there are still issues this board has pointed out throughout the fall that need to be addressed on campus. Among these issues are the lingering dissatisfaction with changes to the dining plan, undue stress caused by the midterm schedule, lack of communication and confusion with club funding, and a failure to adequately supply housing for students. This board hopes to see continued discussion from the school in the coming year to start moving towards solutions. 

This board recognizes that this time in the semester is difficult for everyone, but current events are making it especially trying. We call on students to keep the discussion going when it comes to advocating for improvements and actions from the University, but to also take care of themselves. 

When it comes to studying for finals, find ways to take breaks: Go for a walk,  get a meal with friends, or attend some of the university’s “Stressbuster” events. Finish this semester and finals period strong.