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A message from the Justice editorial board

 In light of the recent tragic shuttle accident on Saturday night, the Justice editorial board would like to offer our deepest condolences to the students, friends, families, and others who have been impacted by this event. We especially want to express our sadness and condolences to the friends and family of Vanessa Mark. Our hearts go out to those who were on the bus, and we hope that everyone injured in the crash makes a speedy recovery.  

How Brandeis is failing to accommodate growing student body

 Brandeis has shared they do their best to maintain housing stability for students, but campus housing is still difficult to obtain and off-campus housing is far from guaranteed. This is especially a slap in the face, considering the construction of a new science complex. All in all, Brandeis needs to do better maintaining the comfort and safety of their students.  

The importance of student safety on and off campus

 According to the Brandeis Department of Public Safety  website , when there are issues that “constitute an ongoing or continuing threat to the campus community,” a “timely warning” will be issued to ensure the safety of students. However, this board has taken note of multiple dangerous situations in Waltham and Boston that Brandeis students should be made aware of and have not been. Waltham has been advertised to touring families as a safe community and Brandeis as a safe and welcoming campus, but this remains a myth unless administration takes action towards protecting students. This board would like to warn the Brandeis community and provide tips to avoid these potentially dangerous situations. 

Thanking the Student Union for organizing much needed medication delivery service

 This editorial board commends the Student Union on its dedicated effort in ensuring that all students can have easy access to their necessary medications. There are many challenges that make obtaining prescriptions inaccessible and prevent students from making a trip out to a pharmacy –– such as mobility issues, a lack of transportation, or simply just a busy schedule.  

Why the actions by Harvest Table leadership are condemnable and unacceptable

 This board condemns Hargrove’s decision to call campus police when faced with peaceful student protestors. We struggle to understand the cowardice of an executive whose role requires interaction with the student body, and we denounce the violence of calling the police on students and workers, particularly those of color. Although BranPo, to their credit, did not interact with the protestors, Hargrove’s decision to call them was unnecessary and pathetic. 

Regarding campus dining

 This editorial board recognizes that it might take some time for these suggested changes to be implemented and that Brandeis Hospitality remains open to receiving feedback from the student body. To Brandeis students, please be patient with the dining experience – the University is still in a transitional phase —and keep in mind that the dining workers are doing their best to serve us. 

Why Brandeis campus housing must change

 Although happy to welcome the class of 2026 to campus, this board believes that the University is accepting more students than it has the capacity to house safely and effectively. If current trends continue, this problem is unlikely to go away. It is in the best interest of first-year students in particular that the University figures out a way to accommodate these students, whether by admitting fewer or finding more acceptable housing options for the ones that they do admit.  

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