While October has come to a close and students should feel relieved that the end of the semester is in sight, this editorial board would like to acknowledge that many students may be struggling for a variety of reasons — daylight savings, never-ending midterms, and the fast-approaching holidays, to name a few. This is often a stressful time of year for everyone, not to mention for Brandeis students in particular.

Next week — Nov. 17 — marks the one-year anniversary of the tragic shuttle crash that affected the entire Brandeis community. The ripple effects of this night can still be seen in many aspects of daily life for both those who were on the bus and those who were not.

We would like to extend our support to those who are struggling while also acknowledging that there will likely be an increased amount of news coverage surrounding this event. 

As more information continues to be released to the public, such as the district attorney’s statement regarding criminal charges for the drive, news outlets have begun to publish further articles regarding the incident. The accessibility of further information can be overwhelming, as can the influx of coverage.

We would also like to urge the administration to release a statement in reference to the misinformation that is still being published regarding the location that the shuttle was coming from. Many prominent news outlets have stated that the bus was coming from a Northeastern University hockey game. These include NBC, CBS, WCVB, The New York Times, Boston 25, the original article from the Boston Globe, and more. 

This incorrect information is still being published in the most recent articles, and we feel that this is invalidating for the riders of the shuttle. However, in reality, the shuttle was one on the Boston/Cambridge route that is taken by many students every weekend. We have reached out to these news organizations and have requested that they fix this misinformation moving forward and issue corrections; however, we have not received responses.

The Brandeis administration should be the one working to fix this information, and spread the truth despite possible harm to the University’s reputation. Working to correct this mistake and prevent it from continuing to be incorrectly spread would be a small way for the university to support its students during this trying time. 

The night of the shuttle crash shook the entire Brandeis community. The scars of that night remain in the form of trauma for the 27 students who were on the shuttle and lifelong damage for those more severely injured. For students not on the shuttle, the night was stressful and frightening, leaving many students deeply emotionally impacted.

Prior to criminal charges being filed, the family of Vanessa Mark filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Joseph’s Transportation and the driver, and while this lawsuit and these charges may bring closure and healing to some, this editorial board recognizes that these coming court dates and headlines may trigger and hinder healing for others.

With the one-year anniversary of the shuttle crash, along with the escalating tension surrounding the Israel-Hamas war, we call on the administration and faculty to be understanding and lenient with students. 

While resources have been offered to students who are especially struggling, the responsibility is often still placed upon students when it comes to reaching out for support. Because of this, it is more important than ever to lean on your loved ones during this time and seek out professional resources.

Ultimately, we must do our best as a community to stand together and support each other during this time.