Now that the fall semester is coming to an end, a smaller, but just as important, portion of senior students will be graduating.

However, this board questions why the University, given the existence of the midyear program, does not provide midyear students  —  and any other fall graduates — with a commencement of their own. 

Events are held throughout the year for midyear students, but when it is their time to move on from Brandeis, no event is held to send them off.

Additionally, students graduate at the end of the fall semester for a variety of reasons, and without a commencement ceremony, they walk at the spring commencement either before or after their last semester. 

Either way, this dampens part of their celebration, as it is either preempted or delayed when they are supposed to be able to celebrate their achievements. 

We understand that commencement ceremonies require a lot of time and planning, but there should be some type of option for a smaller celebration for these graduates.

Saying so long to our graduating editors is always a bittersweet moment. After busy weeks and countless late nights together, we are filled with both pride and hope for what they will accomplish next. 

Our soon-to-be graduate remained steadfastly dedicated to the Justice, and Brandeis is all the better for her contribution to journalism. Please join us in recognizing the Justice editor graduating this fall as a 2023 midyear: Cayenn Landau.

Cayenn has graced the Justice with her incredible reporting, writing, and dedication to journalism — sometimes putting her own safety at risk. Cayenn, a long time staff writer who started in the spring of 2022, became the Features editor at the very end of the fall 2022 semester. 

She has had an immeasurable impact on the section with her amazing coverage. Her reporting does not discriminate — she covers local stories, such as the local advocacy for the Waltham skatepark and the controversy over the Rhino Lounge, to her work on more serious issues like the growing number of Nazi’s in the New England region

Even then, she still kept it fun with stories such as the newly shut down  classic 2010’s website Omegle. She exemplifies the good that journalism can do by humanizing people and shining a light on important and interesting stories.

In addition to her work, Cayenn is an amazing presence in the office and will be sorely missed.