Dear Editor,

As an aging alum who remembers the divisive impact on college campuses of the Vietnam War, I was heartened to read in Isabel Roseth’s recent piece (“Students for Justice in Palestine Hold a Gathering....”) that there are, indeed, Palestinian students enrolled at Brandeis. I have often thought that Brandeis has a thing or two to teach the State of Israel about affirmations of those who do not identify as Jews.They are different entities of course, Brandeis and Israel, but the same age, and unique in their respective domains of universities and nation-states. It seems from Ms. Roseth’s article that the Palestinian students do find affirmation from fellow students on campus. I am grateful for that. Perhaps the joint Jewish and Palestinian/Arab faculty and staff of the Crown Center on campus could also weigh in helpfully for the Palestinian students.


Ernest Rubinstein, B.A. ’74