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Clarify schedules and stop locations for shuttle routes

 This weekend, the Student Union arranged for additional Saturday transportation services to Boston for students interested in participating in the “March for Our Lives” demonstration at Boston Common. This board commends the Union and other responsible parties for organizing these much-needed extra shuttles, and we encourage the University to take similar action with events and demonstrations in the future. Such careful planning and attentiveness to students’ needs should be applauded. 

Call on Student Union to Release Budget Information

 Last year, Student Union President Jacob Edelman ’18 ran on a platform that included a proposition that the Union release its budget at the start of the academic year. Now, in late March and with only a few weeks left in Edelman’s term, the student body is still awaiting the budget’s release. This board calls on Edelman and the Student Union to fulfill this initiative, a powerful show of transparency and accountability.  

Commend the University for holding active shooter drill

 On March 21, the University will conduct an emergency preparedness drill on campus simulating an active shooter in the Brandeis Library. Through interactive role-play, this drill will test the University’s level of readiness should a real crisis of this nature unfold on campus. In light of similar shooter threats that have recently taken place both at Brandeis and at other educational institutions across the nation, this board commends the University’s proactive approach in fostering a safer and more protected community.  

Acknowledge MakerLab’s contributions to the University

 This past week, the Brandeis MakerLab raised $6,000 through a crowdfunding campaign. Created in 2014, the MakerLab is central to much of Brandeis’ pursuit of new and emerging technologies, and is responsible for advances in the field of 3D printing, robotics and drones. This board recognizes the importance of the MakerLab and commends the Brandeis community members involved in this innovative campus resource.  

Commend the University for involvement in Smart Fifty

On Friday, Brandeis International Business School had the honor of hosting one of the early stages of Smart Fifty, an entrepreneurial competition designed to find innovative startups with the ability to tackle some of India’s greatest socio-economic challenges. Led by IIM Calcutta Innovation Park, India’s Department of Science and Technology and TiE Boston, Smart Fifty focuses on improving learning, agriculture, sustainability, health and other areas of life in India, according to the program’s page on IBS’ website. 

Encourage students to support Cupid Express fundraiser

As Valentine’s Day approaches, people express their love and affection for significant others, family and friends, often by buying flowers, chocolate or other gifts. This year, Graduate Student Affairs is holding a campus-wide fundraising initiative, Cupid Express, to benefit the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. This board encourages the Brandeis community to participate in this worthy initiative by using Cupid Express as the one-stop-shop for buying roses and chocolate. 

Encourage University to make course costs known earlier

February is the final month for undergraduate students to drop a class without a mark of withdrawal on their transcripts. Ideally, students will decide which classes to drop or keep based upon future goals, compatibility and interest. However, some students will be forced to make their decisions based upon unexpected strain on their finances that comes with taking a certain class. Others will have to resign themselves to additional costs as they take courses required for their chosen majors and minors. These circumstances occur because many faculty members do not inform students beforehand of the class materials that need to be purchased for the course. 

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