The spooky holiday of Halloween is nearly upon us, and with it comes a series of events, parties, costumes and safety precautions that this board would like to recommend to the Brandeis community. 

On  Saturday Oct. 30 and Sunday Oct 31., the Campus Activities Board is hosting its annual Halloween Extravaganza, complete with a dance party, costume contest, trick-or-treating and much more. On the same days, the Theater Arts Department is hosting a haunted house exhibition in the Spingold Theater Center, with students dressed as a mix of contemporary and Shakespeare-inspired frights. This is  fitting because the performance of “Macbeth,” will be complete with witches, zombies and innocent-looking flowers that are really snakes in disguise. This board commends the Campus Activities Board and the Theater Arts Department for their creativity and dedication to ensuring that members of the University community have a fun and memorable Halloween, while also maintaining responsible safety precautions. 

This board recognizes that many students view Halloween as a hauntingly fun night for parties. While we encourage everyone to enjoy themselves to the fullest extent possible, the current circumstances dictate that we all proceed with caution, and this board would like to recommend some precautions one can take if they go to a party or other event off campus. Parties may be held in smaller, poorly-ventilated spaces. This board advises students  unsure about what their specific safety situation will be to wear a mask if attending a crowded gathering where physical distancing is not possible. 

Aside from pandemic-related concerns, this board recognizes the importance of alcohol safety. This board recommends that if students  plan to attend parties that they use the buddy system as one way of ensuring their safety. This board understands that there is a greater threat of violence and date-rape in these environments, particularly for women. As such, this board recommends that anyone going to a party obtain a Sip-Chip, available at Student Sexuality and Information Services, the Prevention, Advocacy and Resource Center and other departments on campus. When submerged in a drink, Sip-Chips are capable of immediately detecting any form of dangerous substance other than alcohol. 

Overall, this board anticipates a fun and memorable Halloween, and wishes every member of the University community a safe and spooky holiday.