In the last few days, you may have noticed the trees changing colors, the mornings getting colder, and the days are getting shorter. This board offers a few pieces of advice on how to thrive and add a bit of color to the darker months with some fun activities. 

Check your email! Once a week, the Department of Student Activities sends out an email with a list of highlighted events that will be happening that week. On this list, you can find things like group yoga sessions, ballroom lessons, concerts from the music department or student plays and musicals. This is a great way to blow off some steam from schoolwork or discover a new passion. The same list can also be found in the form of a campus calendar on the Brandeis website. If you find comfort in thoughtful reflections, religious or otherwise, the Center for Spiritual Life maintains a list of religious groups on campus. They also hold meditation sessions and prayer services for groups of different backgrounds.

This board also suggests that students explore attractions off-campus. There are  mutiple mini hikes you can take around Waltham. Places like Prospect Hill Park and Cat Rock Park are both  good options if you are looking to take a long walk. For those who prefer to stay on campus, the Charles River Reservoir behind the Charles River Apartments is accessible and looks beautiful in the fall. Some student clubs also organize hiking trips. Make sure to, take advantage of the Brandeis Boston/Cambridge shuttle and explore the city on the weekend. Browse through the collection of bookstores in and around Harvard Square, explore the food scene on Newbury Street in Boston or find a coffee shop to study in the city for a change of scenery. For little to no-cost spaces, explore a local public library in Waltham, Boston, or Cambridge.

This board recognizes that some new students may have never experienced a snowy winter before. Here, we offer a few tips. There will be times when it is snowing outside, your dorm room is warm, and you really do not want to go to that morning class. One way to combat that is to promise yourself something nice after you attend that class, perhaps a warm drink or a treat that you like. 

For international students: the United States observes Daylight Savings  during the summer. This year, Daylight Savings  ends on Nov. 7, and the day gains an extra hour. Make sure to adjust your alarm clock and schedule accordingly.

 Invest in a warm jacket. Ideally, you will want something that will protect you from the wind and the snow. You will also want a sturdy pair of snow boots, warm gloves and a hat. If you are looking for this gear, many brands offer student discounts in their stores, just ask if your favorite brand has one! For more budget-friendly options, try  local thrift stores, such as Global Thrift or Savers, or the Buy Nothing Brandeis Facebook Group.

Some students may also struggle with seasonal affective disorder due to the lack of daylight. This board suggests  sticking to a routine, spending more time outside during daylight hours and exercising regularly. If you have any questions about seasonal affective disorder, the Brandeis Health Center and the Counseling Center are both very good resources. 

The members of this editorial board wish everyone good luck with the rest of their semesters and hope that you all find these tips and suggestions helpful!