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Brooke Granovsky


“Collision” looks at social issues through experiences

As the Frank Ocean song went silent and the house lights dimmed, a voiceover began to play. “This is a story about alcohol ... about church ... about race ... about oceans ... about returning and leaving ... this is a story about you.” According to its program, “Collision” was “a collaborative, artistic effort to enact social change through personal narrative.” Director Kesi Kmt ’16 said that the cast rehearsed for about three weeks before presenting “Collision.”  Kmt, along with Sophie Warren ’18, Ashani Peterkins ’16, Sarah McCarty ’16 and Shakeria Hicks, who does not attend Brandeis, wrote the show’s script.

Interview Column

This week, justArts spoke with Ayelet Schrek ’17, the director for the Undergraduate Theater Collective’s production of The Love of the Nightingale, about the upcoming show. JustArts: What motivated you to join the production of Nightingale? Ayelet Schrek: When I saw For Colored Girls last semester—I’ve directed before—and when I saw For Colored Girls I realized that I needed to direct this semester.

Preview of Fall Arts Courses

“JAPN 135A: Screening National Images: Japanese Film and Anime in Global Context” Cosplay is the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book or video game, especially one from anime or manga.  This practice was recently featured in a Buzzfeed video by The Try Guys, who cosplayed for their first time in order to learn about the practice.  Cosplay’s appearance on Buzzfeed, a popular news and entertainment website, demonstrates how the community interested in Japanese anime and manga has gained popularity in recent years.  Now, Brandeis students will have the opportunity to study anime, along with other kind of postwar Japanese films and tv.  “JAPN 135A: Screening National Images: Japanese Film and Anime in Global Context” is a course that spans many disciplines.  Taught by Prof.

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