‘Rose Art Video 07’

Nira Pereg’s Rose Art Video 07 is a collaboration with the Israel Museum of Jerusalem. The video showcases religious histories and rituals. It also highlights spaces that are contested by the three Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

‘The Brood’

Lisa Yuskavage’s The Brood focuses on the relationship between panels, figures and the human body.

The exhibition explores how depicting the human body can be an act of defiance,and how painting has historically encouraged acts that disregard the status quo. Yuskavage’s work merges high-craft art and oil painting, and the artist keenly emphasizes the finer details of different figures.


LA/MA presents a selection of 1960s pop art to provide context to other pieces from that genre in the Rose Art Museum’s collection. The exhibit’s title plays on the fact that the show presents works from both East Coast and West Coast artists. LA/MA takes viewers back to a time when art and different styles of art were specific to different regions, creating a coastal divide across America. The exhibit will showcase new acquisitions alongside pop art works from the Rose’s collection.

‘The Undisciplined Collector’

The Undisciplined Collector evokes a homey feel, focusing on pieces from the university’s history. Curator Mark Dion selected works from the Rose’s permanent collection and from other collections from different places on campus. The exhibit features an interactive environment with pieces that helps give context to the Rose’s collection.

‘Foster Mural: Joyce Pensato’

Foster Mural: Joyce Pensato displays Joyce Pensato’s work with cartoons and distortion. Pensato takes popular figures from American cartoons and changes them, affecting more aggressive body language and aggressive expressions. The artist works exclusively with 1Shot enamel paint.

‘Multiple Dimensions’

Jason Rhoades’ Multiple Deviations will bring new installations to the museum. The installations play off of the themes of labor, craft, class and culture. Rhoades has said that he understands his work as separate parts of a coherent whole, and this idea is evident in the exhibit through the inclusion of multiples of his sculptures.