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McKenna to take over as president of Suffolk University in the fall

Prof. Margaret McKenna (Heller) has been appointed as the new president of Suffolk University and will be leaving Brandeis in June to begin her role there. Before coming to Brandeis in 2013 as a visiting professor and acting director of the Sillerman Center for the Advancement of Philanthropy, McKenna served as the vice president of Radcliffe College from 1981 to 1985 and the president of Lesley University from 1985 to 2007. As acting director of the Sillerman Center at Brandeis, McKenna helped “[create] toolkits and guidelines in a variety of social justice areas to aid donors in making decisions on giving based on research,” according to a letter from McKenna on the Sillerman website.  When asked why she chose to accept the position at Suffolk, McKenna said in an interview with the Justice that she’s “always admired the mission of Suffolk and the role it plays in Boston and in the state in particular.”  According to McKenna, Suffolk University—which is located in downtown Boston—has “many graduates who are in the legislature, who are judges and who are leaders of the business community in Boston.” “It’s played a significant role in the public policy debate in the city and the state, so it’s sort of the model of an urban university involved in its community,” she said.

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