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Interview Column

This week, justArts spoke with the president of Brandeis Television James Conlon ’16. Conlon says of the club, “since very few people watch TV on a college campus, BTV has become more of an online media network, highlighting video content on social media and a Youtube channel.” justArts: Can you give an overview of BTV?  James Conlon:  Brandeis Television has been around for a long time.

Interview Column

This week, justArts spoke with Brian  Dorfman ’16 who as part of the Senior Thesis Festival is producing “W;t,”  a one-act play by Margarat Edson that draws on her experience working in a hospital.  justArts: What is the process behind being able to participate in the Senior Festival? Brian Dorfman: As a junior, you apply in the spring semester with a plan for your project and many details, including who your adviser will be, the resources you plan to use, and what a success might look like for your project.

Spring 2016 Arts Course Preview

THA 125A: “Acting for the Camera”  Prof. Maura Tighe (THA) “Acting for the Camera” looks in-depth at the technique behind acting for film and television instead of acting for the stage.

Rose Art Museum Spring 2016 New Exhibits

“Sharon Lockhart/Noa Eshkol”  Lois Foster Gallery, February 12 “Sharon Lockhart/Noa Eshkol” is a multi-channel film installation by Sharon Lockhart that showcases the work of Israeli dance composer, textile artist, and theorist Noa Eshkol.

Interview Column

This week, justArts spoke with Sarai Warsoff ’16 whose senior thesis is “Uncorseted: an original dance piece.” Sarai’s thesis in the Senior Thesis Festival will explore the history and evolution of modern dance through the vocabulary of five female choreographers. justArts: What inspired you to pursue a senior thesis?

Fafali showcases Ghanaian drumming and dancing

A beat from a single drum, an atsimevu, preceded an onslaught of rhythm from the students of Brandeis’s Ghanaian drum and dance ensemble in Friday night’s biannual “Fafali: Music and Dance from Ghana.” The class showcased the Ghanaian dance-drumming they learned this past semester in a spirited night of drumming, dancing and singing.

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