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Jaime Kaiser


A return to the Renaissance

She tries to explain the importance of being in the presence of original works of art, as opposed to their digital reproductions, by recounting a recent experience she had with a famed sculpture.  “When you’re studying on a screen, you can’t imagine how big it is, the dimension of it,” says Myung Joo Khang ’16, an Art History major.

Senate discusses ski trip

The Student Union Senate convened on Sunday for their last meeting before Thanksgiving break to check up on on-going initiatives and approve funding for a campus movie screening.

'Deis Discoveries: The Pump House

While walking the steep path that leads down to East Quad, you may have noticed a small, dilapidated house situated off to the side, between the path and the Usdan Student Center.

A unified spectrum

Around this time last year, students from different LGBTQ+ groups across campus came together with a clear goal in mind: to create a Gender and Sexuality Center with a full-time program coordinator.

Performance depicts 16th-century nuns

Bethlehem Chapel is routinely utilized as a place of worship for Catholic community members. Perhaps the religious hymns that issued from the sacred space on Saturday evening seemed in keeping with the theme of the location to passersby who neglected to take a closer look. Yet as if the songs possessed some kind time-bending magic, guests of the chapel that night were privileged with a unique experience that transported them to a different era.

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