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Anna Stern


Oprah strikes gold at the Golden Globes

 Because of this underlying social current, there was a different vibe to the awards show than in others before it. Meyers opened up the Golden Globes with his signature jabs at our President and, of course, Weinstein.  

Sequels and remakes dominate 2017 cinema

 The saying “history repeats itself” has never been more prevalent than in the year 2017.  I am not talking about how our current government slightly resembles 1939 (except we have the blessing of checks and balances — thanks, Founding Fathers). This year has been filled with the revival of television shows, sequels, remakes of movies and the comeback of various popular artists.  

Recognize pattern of male ignorance toward sexual assault

Harvey Weinstein, a name once solely representative of Hollywood’s elite, is now marred with the taste of disdain and contempt. As the discouraging trend of powerful Hollywood men such as Bill Cosby and Bill O'Reilly being accused of sexual assault continues, Harvey Weinstein only adds his name to the growing list. The accounts of Weinstein’s alleged sexual harassment and assault distinguish themselves, as he is one of the biggest producers in Hollywood. Weinstein has launched the careers of some of the biggest actors of the 21st century through his acclaimed films such as  “Shakespeare in Love” and “Chicago.” The ways in which he allegedly manipulated women, which many more are beginning to speak about, often put their careers in jeopardy.  

Remembering a duo, Carrie and Debbie

The year 2016 was anything but uneventful. From one of the most dramatic elections in modern American history to the most celebrity deaths since 2009 (Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and the guy who made those infomercials for Oxi-Clean, Billy Mays), 2016 ended on a depressing note.

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