For the first time in my four years at Brandeis, Springfest actually felt like spring! On Sunday, April 22, Brandeis students had more to celebrate than just the end of the school year. Students flooded the Foster Mods and Chapels Field to soak up one of the first warm and sunny day of the semester. This year’s headliner was A$AP Ferg, first known for his song “Plain Jane,” which is frequently played at campus parties. Brandeisians who knew of A$AP Ferg before Springfest and liked his music “rode with the mob” and had a fantastic time in the mosh pit in front of the stage. Those who wanted to be a part of the action by indulging in the food trucks and free pizza or by taking advantage of the other giveaways parked themselves on the other side of Chapel’s Field opposite the stage, where they could get a good view even if they didn’t want to be part of the action. 

Springfest 4.22.18 AB 0609.jpg

LATE NIGHT THOUGHTS: Brian Rauch '19 performs as half of the Late Night Thoughts duo, opening for A$AP Ferg.

For the first time in years there was a student headliner at Springfest, which drew an additional crowd. The group — Late Night Thoughts, composed of Brian Rauch ’19 and Michael Harlow ’19 — had been chosen by the student body to open the afternoon at 2 p.m. Asking students in the crowd, I found that they had arrived early to the concert to support their friends. Once Late Night Thoughts finished their set, more students arrived and heard music from SHAED and EZI. Many of them had never heard of those groups; however, one senior said that she was “pleasantly surprised” by the quality of their music. During every set, Chapel’s Field was covered with students hanging out with friends and enjoying the experience, and there was a consistent crowd in front of the stage enthusiastically watching the concert. At around 5 p.m., A$AP Ferg came on stage, to the excitement of the crowd. By that point, general attendance was dwindling, but those who remained to enjoy A$AP Ferg’s music had a wonderful time.

Springfest 4.22.18 AB 1144.jpg

EZI LISTENING: Artist EZI has a great time onstage performing at Springfest, showing off her multicolored hair as well as her vocal talent.

Springfest is always a highlight of the year; it is a day where Brandeis turns into a party school because of the activities students partake in during the daytime, rather than at night. While reminiscing on their past Springfests, various seniors commented that while they love it, every year feels similar. One first-year student added that she felt her first Springfest was a little underwhelming because of the obscure headliner. Other students commented that they wished Springfest had not run out of pizza so quickly or closed the beer garden at 4  p.m., two hours before the show officially ended. 

Despite student critiques, Campus Activities Board always encourages student feedback and makes sure that the festival is improved each year, including having a more mainstream artist for the fall concert. I was very nostalgic that this year was my final Springfest; however, I am looking forward to coming back if there is an artist that I really like. I know Beyoncé is a long-shot, so maybe a throwback artist? Britney, anybody?