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Interview with Alysa Noda-Hines

This week, justArts&Culture spoke with Alysa Noda-Hines, the president of the Japanese Student Association, about the  club’s Haunted House event on Oct. 26.

Spotlight on the Rose 10-29-2019

Of all the works by Gordon Matta-Clark that are displayed in the Rose Art Museum, one of the pieces that stood out the most to me was a documentary film about FOOD, a restaurant located in SoHo, New York between 1971 and 1974. 

Yayoi and her dream land

Stop scrolling through everyone else’s Infinity Room posts, and go see it for yourself. After all, the favorable lighting just begs for a selfie.  

Spotlight on the Rose 10-22-2019

The fact that this piece was not too ostentatious and loud but was still interesting and elaborate is what sparked my fascination for it and caused this piece to stand out amid the others in the museum.  

New ‘Joker’ film is no laughing matter

“Joker” is a film that operates under the aesthetic guise of a thoughtful film, shrouding the fact that it is absent of social commentary, made at the expense of the dignity of the mentally ill and people of color. This film is no laughing matter.  

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