Aries: This is a big week in astrology, Aries! For the first time in over 150 years, this Tuesday, Jupiter is joining Neptune in Pisces. Now with Jupiter (the planet of intellectual ideas and luck) and Neptune (the planet of dreams and illusions) meeting in dreamy Pisces in your 12th house (which rules spirituality and the subconscious), you are in for a dreamy week guaranteed! If you’ve been waiting for a spiritual awakening, this might be it. Keep an eye out for any spiritual messages or “coincidences” this week. With Venus and Mars joining the party in Pisces later this week, you may find yourself much more introspective than usual. Take this energy and roll with it! Maybe you’ll even learn some new things about yourself along the way. 

Taurus: Your social life will be in the spotlight this week, Taurus! With a rare Jupiter/Neptune partnership in Pisces this Tuesday, illuminating your 11th house — which rules social awareness and friends — you will find yourself with more opportunities to enhance your friend group this week! Pisces is a dreamy sign, so you may find yourself bonding with others over hopes and wishes as well. Jupiter and Neptune aren’t the only ones in your eleventh house this week; both Venus and Mars will find themselves in Pisces by Thursday, meaning you are in for one fun, social week! Use this extra social energy to join a new group on campus or attend a networking event! 

Gemini: Your career is getting a major boost this week, Gemini! With Jupiter and Neptune meeting in Pisces (something which hasn’t happened in over 150 years) in your 10th house, which rules career and long-term goals, you are in for a treat. Because Jupiter is a lucky planet, you may find yourself with a bit of extra luck regarding your long-term goals this week. If you’ve been waiting on news of an internship, or holding out for a response from a connection, you may receive some news you are looking for this week. With Mars also entering Pisces this Thursday, the Pisces party is just starting for you. Mars being a chief motivator, you may feel an extra boost in confidence and energy regarding your career. 

Cancer: There is a rare cosmic event this week, Cancer, are you ready? Jupiter joins Neptune and Venus in Pisces this Tuesday, boosting your ninth house, which rules travel, wisdom, and philosophy. Don’t be shocked if you feel unable to stay at home this week; with this much energy in the ninth house, it might be good for you to let off some steam, even if it’s just taking a walk around campus. With April vacation just around the corner, you will have a whole week to adventure, whether it is here in Waltham or wherever your heart desires! This Thursday, Mars enters the Pisces party and adds a little extra motivation. Use this boost to get your final assignments done before break so you can enjoy yourself and this rare cosmic energy while you can! 

Leo: Lookout this week, Leo! You are in for some serious life changes due to the combination of Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune all meeting in your eighth house of transformations and intimacy. With all this energy focused in one spot, you may find yourself almost overwhelmed with emotions. Be extra kind to yourself this week Leo, and remember not everything needs to happen so quickly. Mars entering Pisces this Thursday will only add fuel to the fire of these transformations, but remember, this can be just the beginning. All this cosmic energy can set major life changes in motion, but these changes can take weeks, months, or years to complete. Think about what you want to change in your life, and perhaps with this energy, it will happen. 

Virgo: Pay close attention to your relationships this week, Virgo! With Jupiter joining Neptune and Venus in Pisces in a rare cosmic clash this Tuesday, your seventh house of relationships will see some major energy. This combination can help you see the highest potential in situations, use this to your advantage and figure out which relationships are serving you best or should be left behind. Passionate Mars joins the other three planets in Pisces this Thursday for an extra boost of motivation to align your inner hopes and dreams to the outer world of reality. Keep in mind what is possible and what is not. Jupiter and Neptune together can be helpful for confidence, but don’t let this blind you to your capabilities and reality. 

Libra: If there was ever a perfect time for a self-care break for you, Libra, it is this week! Cosmic energy aligns in Pisces this week with an extra special rare partnership between Jupiter and Neptune this Tuesday. With Neptune, Venus, and Jupiter all in Pisces — and Mars joining them this Thursday — the sheer level of energy in your sixth house is astonishing. The sixth house rules health, wellness, and organization, so you may find yourself cleaning much more than you normally would! If you find yourself starting new routines for selfcare, starting to go to the gym regularly, or putting in the effort to eat healthier foods, remember that self-care works best when used regularly in the long-term. Use this extra energy to set up a routine that works best for you and keep at it! 

Scorpio: Feeling creative, Scorpio? This week’s rare cosmic partnership between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces will give your fifth house — ruling passion and creative expression — a major boost! If there was ever a time to begin a creative project, it would be now. Jupiter will join Neptune and Venus in Pisces this Tuesday, followed by Mars entering Pisces this Thursday. All this energy will empower you to be at your most creative and in touch with  your most passionate feelings and desires. You might need to reign yourself in; however, don’t take on more than you can handle. Remember what you want and are looking for in your personal relationships and settle for no less. 

Sagittarius: A lot is changing for you this week, Sagittarius! With the rare cosmic event of Jupiter and Neptune coming together in Pisces this week, your fourth house will be filled with energy, more energy than you may know what to do with. The fourth house rules the home, emotions, and foundations. With this extra energy, you may find yourself questioning certain emotional responses or thinking back on previous regrets. Don’t let this bring you down, use previous emotional failures to learn for the future, and lean on those you trust if you need extra support. With Mars also entering Pisces this Thursday, you may feel motivated to clean up around your home, finally get that DIY project you’ve been thinking about done, or start a brand new project!

Capricorn: Go all out this week, Capricorn! With a special cosmic alignment on Tuesday between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces in your third house, you may find yourself itching to be around people more than usual. The third house rules communication and social activities, so use this energy to fill your calendar with fun experiences with friends. Mars enters this sign on Thursday as well, adding extra energy and motivation to your social life. You may find yourself a smoother talker than you once thought with all this extra emphasis on communication. You may be inspired to reach out to old friends at this time, which is not always a bad idea. Just remind yourself why you may no longer be in touch and if it is worth reaching out now. 

Aquarius: Your financial situation may be improving this week, Aquarius! With lucky planet Jupiter joining Neptune and Venus in Pisces this week, you may see an extra boost of luck when it comes to all things financial. This party takes place in your second house, which rules finances, daily routines, and work ethic. Just in time for April vacation, you may find yourself with a major boost of motivation to get all your assignments done so you can enjoy yourself on break! You may also get a boost of creativity or new ideas on how to make more money. Take these with a grain of salt, as Neptune and Jupiter together create a “rose-colored glasses” energy, so don’t put all your eggs into one basket this week. 

Pisces: This is your week, Pisces! Jupiter meets up with Neptune and Venus this Tuesday in your sign, and Mars will join them on Thursday as well! All this extra energy focused on you can improve your overall attitude, you may see a boost in self-confidence as well as a potential for really great first impressions this week. Put your own wants and needs first this week, Pisces, you can’t be your best self if you aren’t giving yourself the love and attention you deserve. Don’t let all this energy stress you out either, allow yourself time to relax and unwind if you need to, and remember that April break is just around the corner!