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Building records, not breaking them

(11/24/15 1:59am)

Brandeis students exhibit talent in all areas — including music. With a trek to Slosberg Music Center, a night at Chomondeley’s Coffee House or a walk by the chapels, that becomes clear. Students sing, play instruments or rap, but until now, nothing has connected these young musicians to each other or to the outside musical community. Avi Hirshbein ’19 seeks to change that with the establishment of Brandeis’s own record label: Basement Records.

Senate Log

(04/05/11 4:00am)

There are no immediate plans to expand housing options at the University because the University would need a new parking structure in order to construct a new building, reported Senior Representative to the Board of Trustees Heddy Ben-Atar '11 and Junior Representative to the Board of Trustees Adam Hughes '12. Hughes also reported that there would be about 100 total lofted triples in first-year dorms for the Class of 2015. Ben-Atar and Hughes said that they met with Dean of Student Life Rick Sawyer and Senior Vice President for Administration Mark Collins prior to the Board of Trustees meeting Thursday.Hughes said that the Board of Trustees took out a $10 million loan in order to finance the Linsey Pool renovations and the network upgrades. Hughes also reported that the Board of Trustees approved a new Master of Biological Sciences/Master of Business Administration program to be conducted with Tufts University Medical School. The Senate unanimously chartered Project Nur. According to its constitution, "Project Nur is a student-led initiative of the American Islamic Congress. . The AIC provides a platform for moderate Muslim human rights and civil rights activists and empowers them to raise their voices in the hopes of creating a better understanding of the Muslim world." The Senate also unanimously chartered the Piano Club. The club will aim to "inspire creation for piano music, and to provide an outlet for appreciation of piano music," according to the club's constitution. Senator for East Quad Andrew Hayes '13 presented Senate Money Resolution S11-07, which requested $50 for a water event in East Quad. The event would emphasize the "deliciousness of tap water and lack of need for bottled water," according to the SMR. The SMR passed unanimously.Senator for North Quad Shekelya Caldwell '14 presented SMR S11-08, which requested $1,399.28 for a North Quad barbeque. The Senate unanimously approved the SMR. Executive Senator Abraham Berin '11 reported that the Senate currently has approximately $8,000 in unused funds. Caldwell said she would run for the position of vice president of the Student Union. Senator for the Class of 2014 Mitchell Schwartz said that he would pursue a write-in campaign for Student Union President. Berin, Student Union Vice President Shirel Guez '12 and Director of Executive Affairs Ryan Fanning '11 will be election commissioners, according to Berin. -Andrew Wingens

Corrections and Clarifications

(04/28/09 4:00am)

An Arts teaser last week incorrectly spelled the name of a musical group. It is called Mochila, not Mochilla. (April 21, p. 1). A photo caption in the Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts pullout last week misidentified the series the painting "José" is a part of. It is a part of last year's "Faces of TYP," not this year's "Public Memory, November 4th, 2008." (April 21, p. 24) The Sunday schedule in the Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts pullout last week incorrectly stated the time of the second Rose tour. It took place from 3:30 to 4 p.m., not from 1:30 to 2 p.m. (April 21, p. 22). An article in Arts last week incorrectly stated the name of the last movement of the Trio for flute, cello and piano, H. 300. It is called an Allegretto, not an Andante. (April 21, p.19). An article in Arts last week incorrectly spelled the last name of a cellist. She is Laura Shechter (GRAD) not Laura Schechter. (April 21, p.19). An article in Arts last week incorrectly stated the last name of the composer of Ruckert Lieder. It was composed by Gustav Mahler, not Gustav Nahler. (April 21, p.19). An article in Arts last week implied that Alicia Kaszeta (GRAD) stopped playing for a period of time because she wanted to pursue a scholarly career. Kaszeta briefly stopped playing because of a performance related injury. (April 21, p.19) An article in Forum last week incorrectly stated when Jonathan Kane '10 ran for the position of racial minority senator. He ran in 2007, not 2008. (April 21, p. 10). The Justice welcomes submissions for errors that warrant correction or clarification. E-mail