Sixteen senators, one Alumni Association representative, two Brandeis Sustainability Fund representatives, one racial minority representative to the Finance Board and one member of the Student Judiciary were elected in fall elections Thursday, according to Student Union Secretary Todd Kirkland '13 in an email to the Justice.

The positions of senator for the Mods, senator for Charles River, racial minority senator and three seats on the SJ remain unfilled.

The largest percentage of voters, as well as the largest number of candidates, turned out for the Class of 2015 senators and first-year residential quad senators.

Sneha Walia and Daniel Novak were elected the next senators for the Class of 2015 with 96 and 68 votes, respectively.

Alexander Thomson '15 finished two votes short of Novak, placing third and not winning a senate position. According to the voting data, 42.8 percent of the Class of 2015 voted for this position.

"I'm really excited, and I can't wait to start working with everybody," said Walia in an interview with the Justice. "I really want to try to get events and projects done based on community service, things that the student body really cares about."

Novak also expressed excitement following the announcement. "I'm excited; I'm ready to do a good job for the Class of 2015," he said in an interview with the Justice.

"I really want to do a lot of events with the Class of 2015, Novak continued. "I want to work on meal hours and hours of transportation to Waltham, things like that."

"I promise the class of 2015 that I will not let you guys down and we will have an amazing first year. Thank you and once again I want to hear about all the requests and concerns that any of you may have," wrote Novak on Facebook.

Dean Kaplan '15 was elected senator for Massell Quad with 92 votes, finishing 22 votes ahead of second-place candidate Bradley Burns '15. Nearly 34 percent of those residing in Massell Quad voted for this position.

"I'm excited to represent my fellow classmates that live in Massell. … I've heard from some people that there is a lack of flowers in the pond area, so I want to try to add some flowers to the area," said Kaplan in an interview with the Justice.

Winning with 61 votes in North Quad was Charlotte Franco '15, making her the next North Quad senator. Nearly 37 percent of that quad's residents voted for their quad senator.

"I plan on hosting various community service events for the quad, and I also plan on hosting one school-wide event. Some possible ideas [for] the school-wide event would be a movie night or barbecue," said Franco in an interview with the Justice.

The Class of 2013, on the other hand, recorded only a 13.6 percent voting rate with Theodore Choi and Sarah G. Kim winning 70 and 68 votes, respectively. Abstain garnered 28 votes in this contest.

Choi, who wants the library open 24 hours a day, as well as extended dining hall hours, said in an interview with the Justice, "I'm feeling good, obviously. It's definitely an honor to be chosen to represent any group of students."

Kim said in an interview with the Justice, "I just want to make sure that people who are too shy or too nervous to speak out their concerns … can come to me and voice their opinions, I will make sure that [the] Student Union hears what they have to say."

Melissa Donze was chosen by 126 members of Class of 2012 to represent them as the senator for that class. The voter participation for that class was about 13 percent, similar to that of the Class of 2013.

"I am really excited for this year. It's the start of a new administration, basically, here at Brandeis, and I'm really excited to be a part of that and to work with the administration to make our senior year the best year that it can be," said Donze in an interview with the Justice.

Kelsey Dean '14 won the position of Castle senator with 26 votes, pulling ahead of former Village senator Nathan Israel '14 who received 11 votes.

"Now that I've been elected, I plan to start following through on all those goals such as fixing the piano in Schwartz, trying to take care of the bug problem and start planning social events like a scavenger hunt or haunted house for Halloween," wrote Dean in an email to the Justice.

Jeremy Goodman '14, who ran unopposed, won 74 votes and will be the next senator for East Quad. Twenty voters abstained and one added Stephen Colbert as a write-in.

Jacklyn Gil '14 was elected Rosenthal Quad senator with 52 votes.

Former Off-Campus Senator Evyn Rabinowitz '12, who also ran unopposed, was elected senator-at-large with 525 votes.

Rachel Goutman '12 was elected off-campus senator with 52 votes. About 7 percent of off-campus students voted for this position.

Boris Osipov '13 and Sol Kim '12 won the positions of Ridgewood senator and Ziv senator, respectively.

About 16 percent of eligible students voted in each of those elections.

Benjamin Beutel '12 was elected Village senator with 33 votes, beating runner-up Andre Tran by three votes. About 31 percent of eligible students voted in this election.

"My first order of business will be trying to get a better supply of towels and other cleaning supplies to the Village Gym, followed by trying to procure free weights to the Village Gym," said Beutel in an interview with the Justice.

James Polite was elected Transitional Year Program Senator with 10 votes.

Although nine candidates ran for a position on the Judiciary, only Gali Gordon '15 was elected to a position. Gordon won after several counts of the ballot, due to the runoff system in place.

Under this system, students rank candidates in order of preference, and if no candidate wins a majority of votes after the first count, students whose first-choice candidate received the fewest votes have their second-place choice counted instead.

Voting counts continue in this fashion until a majority winner is obtained, and if abstain receives the greatest number of votes during a final election, there is no winner.

Abstain won 146 votes for the Judiciary, and Gordon finished with 150 votes.

Lisa Purdy '14 and Rohan Bhatia '14 were both elected as Brandeis Sustainability Fund representatives.

Jenny Lau '14 was elected representative to the Alumni Association.

Paul Lee '13 won the racial minority seat on the F-Board.

Abstain claimed victory in the elections for Mods senator, Charles River senator, racial minority senator and three positions on the Judiciary.

"If abstain receives the most votes in the final round, then that position in question remains vacant. We will soon be announcing the election date for the vacant positions," wrote Kirkland in an email to the Justice.

—Sara Dejene, Emily Kraus, Sam Mintz and Ryan Yuffe contributed reporting.