The Union Senate met Nov. 21 to charter two clubs, approve a constitution change to a third and pass an election bylaw amendment.

The Quantitative Finance and Modeling Club, or Quant, returned to the Union Senate meeting after the Senate requested further clarification on the club’s purpose and plans last week before voting on chartering it.

Ephraim Zimmerman ’25, the club’s president, explained that quantitative finance “uses mathematical models to analyze financial markets.”

The club’s goal, Zimmerman said, is to teach the formulas used in that field and give students an introduction to how the quantitative finance field is developing. He also said that the club is not currently seeking any funding.

After his talk, Vice President Courtney Thrun ’22 placed Zimmerman in the Zoom waiting room so that the Senate could vote.

“He’s clearly passionate about it, even if I don’t know what he’s passionate about,” said Sen. Joseph Coles ’22. “I think we should support it.”

The Senate voted to charter the Quant club by acclamation.

Brandeis Undergraduate Consulting Club president Matthew Massa ’22 returned to the Senate to request that the Senate charter the club after a year on probationary status.

Massa gave an overview of the club’s activities since it began last year. He said that students in the club have received offers to join Deloitte Consulting LLC, which he said was a “considerable increase” of about 10 students from previous years.

Massa also said that Brandeis President Ron Liebowitz said he loved the idea of the club, and that he would contact a friend of his at consulting firm Bain & Company about it.

The Senate voted to charter the club by acclamation.

Sen. Charlotte Li ’24 presented the constitution change request from the Period Activists at ‘Deis, known as PAD. The change to PAD’s constitution would add a media and outreach chair, as well as the responsibilities for that position.

The Senate approved the change by acclamation.

The Senate also passed by acclamation an amendment to the Union bylaws which would require that candidate bios be sent out with ballots, in order to help students understand who they’re voting for. Coles proposed the amendment at the previous week’s meeting.

The senate will not be meeting next week because of the Thanksgiving holiday.