For the first time this semester, the Union Senate voted against the creation of a new club at their Nov. 15 meeting. The Senate also voted to approve seven other clubs and to dissolve a probationary club whose executive board members had not responded to emails from the Senate Club Support Committee.

Only two of the eight clubs, the Undergraduate Consulting Club and the Biochemistry Club, presented at this week’s meeting; the others had been added as probationary clubs last year before campus was shut down.

The Undergraduate Consulting Club gave the first presentation. President Matthew Massa ’21 said that their club would be for students who are interested in a career in consulting. The club hopes to host speakers working in the field of consulting, as well as to give advice to students who plan on majoring in subjects related to consulting. Senators Joseph Coles ’22 and Adian Vinograd ’23 raised concerns over the club's similarity to the services the Hiatt Career Center provides, as well as other career-based clubs that already exist.

The Undergraduate Consulting Club did not receive the two-thirds majority vote required to become a club. Coles informed the club’s e-board that they would be allowed to reapply next semester with a more specific purpose.

The other club to present was the Biochemistry Club, whose purpose is to promote undergraduate interest in the sciences, especially through a biochemistry perspective.

Lance Babcock ’21, the club’s president, said that in addition to encouraging students' interest in the life sciences, the club would address racism and discrimination in scientific fields. Babcock emphasized that that the club was created to be anti-racist, and it will be an inclusive place for aspiring scientists of all backgrounds.

The Senate voted to approve the club’s creation with 13 votes in favor, two against and four abstentions.

The other five clubs that the Senate voted to take off of probation were the Housing Clinic, the Chinese Theater Club, the Model United Nations, the Pad Club, the Men of Color Alliance and Deis3D.

In other news, the Student Union will also provide reimbursement to students taking a Lyft, an Uber or the commuter rail to Logan Airport, North Station or South Station between Nov. 19 and 23. Students must submit their receipts to the Student Union.