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EDITORIAL: Just/Unjust

Just: Midterms come once a semester.unJust: Midterms come for an entire month every semester.Just: The new food station, Balance, in Usdan provides delicious food grilled just for you.unJust: By the time you get to the front of the line there is no food left.

EDITORIAL: No-frat policy should not prevent Greek-life club

The Editorial Board supports the Student Union's decision to recognize the Inter-Greek Council. Regardless of the status of off-campus fraternities and sororities, these Brandeis students, who followed the appropriate guidelines, should have the right for their organization to be recognized.It is important to note that the students petitioning for the Inter-Greek Council are not looking to become a chartered club, but instead only ask for recognition.

EDITORIAL: Commuters out of spaces, shouldn't be out of luck

After many recent episodes of commuter students receiving parking tickets or walking back from classes to find their cars towed, the University must designate more parking spaces for commuter students.According to Brandeis' Parking and Traffic Regulations, students who drive to school receive a commuter pass that allows them to park their cars in G-Lot, P-Lot or T-Lot during the school week.

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