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EDITORIAL: Excerpt: a finals blog

Below, an oddly prescient student blogger recounts finals week. 2:09 p.m., 12/13/2004Mood: Pooped and peevedListening to: The voices in my headwhat compels my fellow Brandeisians to share with the world - through their Instant Messenger profiles - every exam, paper and presentation due before returning home?

Arafat's Wake

While it is not completely inappropriate to accept with alacrity the death of Yasser Arafat-for it may indeed provide a new sense of hope for both Israelis and Palestinians-dancing on his figurative grave only minimizes the gravity of his life and role in that region.

EDITORIAL: The Union Senate slump

Today, we vote for the president of the United States. This campus is ridden with intense-and sometimes emotional-opinions on the election, and all eyes will be watching intently tonight as we wait and see whose hands the electorate decided its fate will be in for the next four years.Yet ask the average student about the elections of the Union government-the elected body nearest to them-and they may not even know that one just occurred.The indifference much of the student body shows toward choosing those who directly represent them in the Union Senate, for executive seats and other elected positions within the student government, is extremely disappointing.

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