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EDITORIAL: Commuters out of spaces, shouldn't be out of luck

After many recent episodes of commuter students receiving parking tickets or walking back from classes to find their cars towed, the University must designate more parking spaces for commuter students.According to Brandeis' Parking and Traffic Regulations, students who drive to school receive a commuter pass that allows them to park their cars in G-Lot, P-Lot or T-Lot during the school week.

EDITORIAL: Abbas' resignation marks the end of the road map to peace

The resignation of Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas this past Saturday marked a disappointing, yet expected turn in Middle Eastern affairs, as it effectively ended the U.S.-backed "road map for peace." After three years of continuous fighting, the U.S.-led, internationally-backed peace effort was heralded as a solid plan to effect significant change in the Middle East.

Editorial: Remembering an exceptional Brandeis Student

The Brandeis community will extend its deepest sympathy for the death of student athlete Jean Joseph Reginald "Reggie" Poyau '04 at a memorial service which will take place this Thursday.While Studying abroad last semester in Senegal, he, along with some friends decided to take a trip to a region south of the Gambodia River.

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