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EDITORIAL: Prioritize faculty budget and tuition control

On Thursday, Sept. 22, President Ron Liebowitz, along with Provost Lisa Lynch and Executive Vice President Stew Uretsky, held an open meeting — the first of three — in which they discussed the discoveries of an outside consultant, Dr. Kermit Daniel of New York consulting firm Incandescent, on the financial health of the University.

EDITORIAL: Improve diversity of Hiatt Career Center

Many activists, administrators and onlookers alike during last year’s Ford Hall 2015 movement agreed that adding more clinicians of color — specifically, professionals specializing in multicultural mental health — to the Brandeis Counseling Center would be an important and easy-to-implement policy to aid the student body.

EDITORIAL: Communicate stances on key issues

The fall 2016 semester has finally begun, and one person on campus is dreading a very specific kind of pop quiz: University President Ronald Liebowitz. Thus far in his two months-long tenure as the head of the school, Liebowitz has been able to avoid direct comment on the major issues galvanizing the student body.

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