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Tasha Epstein


State on fire today, state underwater tomorrow

We need to take steps to protect our environment now because the climate is already changing. We have the technology, and if we act now, we might have the time to make a big difference. We don’t need to live in floods and flames.

The importance of rest during spring break

 Students of various faiths can celebrate with their families, wherever their families might be located. It’s incredibly important for students to take this break, for lack of better wording, to take a break. If you’re one of the many folks who feels like they’ve just been holding it together, or if you’re actually doing pretty well, either way, get some rest. We all need it. 

The Kiwibots on campus: friend or foe?

Overall, a quick poll of my friends revealed that while most of us don’t like them and find them fairly annoying, we struggled to find a solid reason for this dislike besides the technological privacy aspect. We do agree that the Kiwibots could be really helpful for students, and are likely a good addition to campus.  

The Classic College versus COVID-19 College Experience

Everyone has a similar picture of the “classic college experience.” We all tend to imagine getting into various shenanigans with friends, having late-night study groups in the campus library, and maybe engaging in a form of romantic endeavour. Unfortunately, the one thing just about every aspect of the ideal classic college experience tends to share is being in close proximity to other people.  

Pursuing independence abroad in a pandemic

 I wasn't completely sure of my sanity, to be fair. Studying abroad, during a pandemic, for my first ever semester, sounded like a recipe for either a brilliant coming-of-age film or an apocalyptic nightmare thriller. Spoiler alert: the whole experience was amazing, and luckily it felt much more like the former cinematic option than the latter. I made friends and roamed the city and its surroundings, which were reachable by train. Additionally, I got the chance to visit the world's largest botanical gardens, various museums, Stonehenge, and even spent a whirlwind 48 hours or so in Paris during our reading week break. Put simply, I had a great time adventuring through a couple countries I had never visited before.

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