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Tafara Gava


Activists misunderstand the groups they’re fighting for

 Present-day sociologists and internet activists are socio-economically divorced from the groups whose rights they claim to champion. Today, a lot of protests and activist movements are led by the Internet and privileged college graduates who use terms like ‘agency’ and ‘equity’, words that their professors and peers understand, but alas, not those minorities whose rights they fight for. 

Reconsider attitudes surrounding meat consumption

 In the light of the ongoing dialogue about climate change, the United States’ rate of meat consumption has been a point of contention. According to a Dec. 1, 2016 MarketWatch article, research by the U.S. Department of Agriculture suggests that Americans are among the highest consumers of meat per capita in the world, consuming, on average, 193 pounds of beef, pork, chicken and lamb a year. 

Urge college students to adopt more collectivist practices

In recent years, some clinical psychologists have debated the rise of narcissism in American college-age students. A May 2010 survey by researchers at the University of Michigan revealed that the level of empathy in college students has dropped 40 percent since 2000. In this context, empathy can be defined as a sensitivity or awareness of the thoughts and experiences of others. 

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