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Sagie Tvizer


Half A Century of Service

In 1966, 30 students attended the first-ever Waltham Group meeting. Little did they know that 50 years later, the Brandeis community service organization would boast hundreds of volunteers who each year dedicate 40,000 hours to community service. Students, alumni, faculty and members of the Waltham community gathered in Levin Ballroom this past Saturday to celebrate these achievements.

The art from war

Last Wednesday, many gathered in the Wasserman Cinematheque, where the History department and the Film, Television and Interactive Media program co-hosted the North-American film premiere of “Verdun, They Won’t Pass.” The film is a historical documentary created by Serge de Sampigny, a French filmmaker who has written and produced three historical documentaries previously.

Writing Rebel

Last Tuesday the Women’s Studies Research Center celebrated International Women’s Day with Marguerite Guzmán Bouvard (WSRC), a self-proclaimed feminist before the women’s movement.  Bouvard seeks to bring attention to women around the world, as well as to female poets and writers like herself, who use literature as a form of expression and as a call to action.

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