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Sabrina Sung


Sondheim show shines at Spingold

 It is difficult to take an established, award-winning musical and present it with fresh vision. As such, on Friday evening, I took my seat with a fair amount of doubt. However, within the first 10 minutes of the opening, I found myself pleasantly surprised by the Brandeis Theater Company’s production of Stephen Sondheim’s “Into the Woods.” 

Solo-play invites introspection

 De Berry’s play is described in its program as “at once memoryscape and a mytho-biography,” but I find that to be an objective description which ignores the subjective experience of the audience. In my opinion, it is more accurate to call it an invitation. 

Create harsher restrictions for law enforcement officials

Just yesterday, Snopes cleared up one of the internet’s biggest controversies of the week: It is not true that police can legally rape people in 35 different states. However, it is still too early to breathe a sigh of relief. The truth of the matter is that these 35 states do not have laws that make it illegal for police officers or sheriff deputies to have sex with people in their custody. Although this is almost certainly an oversight rather than a loophole crafted for nefarious purposes, it is a dangerous one, and it reflects a broader issue in the current state of United States laws. 

Criticize the glorification of suicide in US television

On the first day of 2018, popular YouTube blogger Logan Paul uploaded a video showing close-up footage of a deceased man in Aokigahara, in Japan. In a Jan. 19 interview with Seventeen Magazine, actor Dylan Minnette revealed that season two of popular Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” will delve deeper into the life of the character whose suicide is the focus of the show. The very next day, Paramount Studios dropped the red band trailer for their TV anthology remake of cult classic film “Heathers,” which features teenagers finding posthumous adoration when their murders are staged as suicides. 

Night for Africa highlights vibrant community

On Saturday evening, the Brandeis African Students Organization hosted the 7th Annual Night for Africa in Levin Ballroom. The show was a part the University’s I Am Global Week and students invited friends, family and faculty alike to come share in culture from Africa and the African diaspora.  

Question standards for what US considers legitimate marriage

 The United States, more so than other countries, seems confused about marriage on a conceptual level. Despite the government’s purported separation of church and state, marriage is rewarded with the bureaucratic benefits of tax deductions and implicit visitation rights. The sanctity of marriage is something to be protected within a society in which television programs such as “The Bachelor” and “Married at First Sight” thrive. Over the years, both the meaning and the societal role of marriage in America have become inscrutable.  

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