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Ria Escamilla-Gil


Veggie tales: Students talk about being vegetarian on campus

There is no greater relief for a vegetarian at Brandeis University than to see the little “V” symbol while scanning the television screen menus in the dining hall. Similarly, for vegans, the little carrot symbol may provide comfort and excitement when trying to find dining options on campus. Seeing the rising concern for the global climate crisis, many people have been changing their lifestyle choices to include less red meat or no meat at all; in pescatarian, vegetarian, or even vegan diets.

From parking lot to market spot

The parking lot behind 234 Moody Street may, at first glance, appear completely ordinary. But on Saturdays, the empty lot takes on a life of its own, filled with a variety of hard-to-resist, homemade products representing cultures from all around the world — and all around Waltham. The event is known as the Waltham Farmers Market — a weekly, highly anticipated affair that has occurred every week from June to October since its founding in 1991. 

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