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Policies questioned in wake of alleged assault

A Brandeis Hoot article published on April 27 has prompted widespread discussion on campus about the implementation of the University's sexual assault policies. According to the Hoot article, an anonymous undergraduate student who is currently on medical leave alleged she was raped by an anonymous Heller School for Social Policy and Management student in their off-campus apartment nearly a dozen times from October 2010 to January 2011.

Lauded diva Houston dies

Despite an upbeat reunion performance from The Beach Boys; a techno collaboration from Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and David Guetta; and an opening performance from Bruce Springsteen, a somber mood hung over the 54th Grammy awards.

From Brandeis to the big screen

Growing up as a teenager in Newton, Mass., David Ian Salter's A.C.E. '88 movie habits were what he describes as "obsessive." On Friday, when the school bell rang and class was over, the film editor says he would head over to the local movie theater and watch that week's new releases.

WORLDVIEW: A country of celebration

It is currently 11:14 p.m. on a Monday night in Maastricht in the Netherlands. With my door slightly ajar, I see an Irish man wearing a lady's dress and heels, and I can hear my Spanish-speaking neighbors walking down the hall after just having finished their dinner, making out words in their conversation like musica and fiesta as the smell of cheap beer floats in and out of my room.

New beats at B-deis

When he was nine, Abdul Aziz Dieng '14 penned his first song, called "I'm A Slave." The song, which has undergone several revisions and is currently featured on his most recent mixtape, Point of You, talks about race relations and is told through the eyes of a young slave boy.

Athlete of the Week: Lee Russo '13

Last Wednesday, Lee Russo '13 scored four goals in the first half of the men's soccer team's game against the Albertus Magnus College Falcons, leading the team to a 5-0 victory.Russo, who also tallied an assist in the squad's other goal in the match, added a fifth goal for the week in the championship game during the team's 4-2 victory over Western New England College, which helped the Judges win the Eastern College Athletic Conference Division III New England Tournament.In total, Russo scored five goals and added an assist for 11 total points on the week.

Endeavors of an entrepreneur

Jeremy Elkins' '12 business career started with a fateful trip to the restroom. While taking a bathroom break from his class "Paradigms of Biological Investigation" and scanning the business advertisements hanging on the stalls of the Carl J.

Theodore Sorensen, 82, dies of major stroke

Theodore C. Sorensen, counselor and speechwriter for President John F. Kennedy and the founding board chair of the International Center for Ethics, Justice, and Public Life, died on Sunday at the age of 82 from complications of a stroke he suffered a week ago, according to an Oct.

Kaos on Campus

Sean Norton '12 never saw himself as much of a dancer. In high school, he was involved in activities like fencing and music, and although he would sometimes try break dancing with his friends, he says he wasn't very good.

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