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Max Moran


DCL proposes two changes to housing lottery system

In response to student criticism of the current housing lottery, the Department of Community Living has proposed two changes to the policy, which would allow sophomores, juniors and seniors more flexibility and would institute a loyalty program.

Enthusiastic crowd receives Mick Jenkins at Winter Concert

Brandeis has a reputation for being quiet at concerts. At last year’s SpringFest, headliner Jessie J told the audience that they were “the most well-behaved crowd” she’s ever had. It can seem like Brandeisian concertgoers are more interested in contemplating an artist’s lyrics and musical choices than cutting loose and having fun. But for the roughly 200 people in the Levin Ballroom on Saturday hearing rappers Mick Jenkins and Russ, the stereotype of the Brandeis student was shattered to pieces, as the crowd ate up every second of the strobe-lit, high-volume performances.

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