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Interview Column: Connor Wahrman '17

This week, JustArts sat down with Connor Wahrman ’17, who plays Peter in the forthcoming production of “At Home/At The Zoo,” which opens next week. justArts: For those who don’t know anything about can you just tell me a little bit about the play and its structure? Connor Wahrman: What we’re doing is a one-act version of [the play]. It’s the original version, which is called “The Zoo Story.” Later on, Edward Albee -- may he rest in peace as of a few days ago -- decided to tack on another segment in Peter’s home, making it “At Home/At The Zoo.” So Zoo Story, it’s just two characters.

Interview Column: Kim Conaty

This week, justArts spoke with Kim Conaty, the curator of the Rose Art Museum, about the opening of the Museum this past weekend. justArts: What’s your favorite part of your job? Kim Conaty: I work in museums because I love collections, and there’s nothing more exciting to me than finding surprises in collections that you think you know or learning something incredible and new about a work that you thought you knew well.

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