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Mark Gimelstein


Question the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s professed conservatism

As the Republican primaries have raged on, Sean Davis, co-founder of the conservative publication The Federalist, has raised a provocative yet legitimate question: “If Trump were running to destroy the GOP/conservatism and pave a path to the White House for Hillary, what would he be doing differently?” In the eyes of many conservatives, including myself, the answer is obvious — absolutely nothing.

Condemn government incompetence in EPA chemical spill

Government...what’s it good for? Turns out, not much. The latest evidence supporting that notion is the disaster caused by the Environmental Protection Agency. In early August, the EPA, the supreme protectors of the environment that they are, single-handedly jeopardized the life of an entire river and the networks to which it connects.

Reevaluate views on Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Just 22 years ago, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act was passed unanimously by the House of Representatives, approved by the Senate by a vote of 97 to 3 and then signed by President Bill Clinton into law.  The justification for passing such a law at the time was to countervail the decision made by the Supreme Court in the wrongfully-decided 1990 case Employment Division v.

Eliminate net neutrality to ensure success

The Federal Communications Commissions’ 3-2 vote approving “net neutrality”—in other words, a government takeover of the Internet—embodies everything that’s wrong with Washington, D.C.  The 332-page plan, which was passed in House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s favorite way— before anyone had a chance to read it—paves the way for an Internet that is treated as a public utility.

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