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Short film showdown

Film students dream of the day when one of their creations will be recognized by the art community and displayed on the big screen for the public to enjoy.

Rethinking Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln has evolved into a mythic icon of American history. Versions of Lincoln in popular culture have cast him in various, surprising lights, including the motion picture Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Connecting for recovery

The words "social justice" are ingrained in the Brandeis vocabulary. They show up when first-years consider applying for social justice pre-orientation and the term endures throughout our time at this school.

Books that give back

Receiving a degree in higher education is not the easiest financial feat, but through innovative fundraising, the Tucson Ariz. chapter of the Brandeis National Committee is making learning a little cheaper for everyone. The Tucson BNC hosted its annual book sale in the Foothills Mall from Jan.

Jewish music on the road

It's Middle Of Nowhere, America and Asher Krell, former Brandeis student and friends Sam Rosenbaum and Sam Rotenberg pull up to a gas station between destinations to refill their rickety Toyota Sienna that they affectionately named Ginger.

Building futures through community

His job in Kenya has already transformed into more than a job. "I feel like I'm working toward something that's really important to me," said Matthew Travis '05. Travis is the volunteer coordinator and acting finance officer in Kenya for the nonprofit organization Flying Kites, which provides education and support for orphaned children in Kenya. The organization began as an orphanage founded by college graduates who had volunteered in orphanages in Nairobi and became interested in improving the lives of the children they encountered. "Flying Kites strives to create a better orphanage than the ones that already exist where the orphans could truly be given the opportunity to excel and be anything they want to without being limited by their circumstances." One of the best things for Travis about Brandeis was what he called the "diversity in study and community." The eclectic collection of students he made connections with during his time at Brandeis greatly influenced his decision to go into nonprofit work. "I had a couple friends who did Teach for America and another who joined the Peace Corps after college.

Breaking the code of silence

An excited group of students and faculty, including students from other universities in the area, eagerly packed into the Mandel Center for the Humanities room G03, which was quickly filled to capacity-on a Friday afternoon no less. Much-anticipated speaker Alexander Stille gave a talk titled "Voicing the Outrage of Silence: A Talk on the Mafia and Italian Politics," an event in the Martin Weiner Lecture Series cosponsored by the Humanities Council, the Romance Studies Department and the Italian Studies program.

Through a photographer's lens

If, a few years back, you had told Brandeis alum Andrew Rauner '12 that he would spend the summer after college touring the country as a professional photographer shooting a music festival, he might not have believed you.

Zaqtan and Joudah: Not lost in translation

"'Whenever I say it's time I went the songs I thought would never return, arrive.' That's one of my favorite lines in the whole book, actually," said Fady Joudah, smiling slightly to himself. On Thursday, which was, fittingly, National Poetry Day, a small group of Brandeis students and faculty assembled in the Mandel Center for the Humanities' reading room for the privilege of hearing the poetry of Ghassan Zaqtan, a prominent Palestinian poet.

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