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Hannah Kirsch


Water main break affects Brandeis

In the wake of a rupture in a 10-foot-wide water pipe in Weston, Mass. that left 2 million residents of the greater Boston area without clean running water, Brandeis is taking measures to ensure that students have an adequate supply of potable water.The pipe, which broke at approximately 10 a.m.

Student Union Senate votes to impeach Union secretary, censure Union president

The Student Union Senate impeached Union Secretary Diana Aronin '11 and censured Union President Andy Hogan '11 Saturday night for failing to introduce a constitutional amendment to the student body to create the position of midyear senator.The resolution to impeach, which was passed by a unanimous vote, states that Aronin "willfully corrupted and violated the duties set forth to her in the Constitution." Article XII, Section 5 of the Student Union Constitution reads, "The amendment referendum vote shall occur within fifteen academic days after the presentation of the amendment referendum proposal to the Senate." Former senator for the Foster Mods Jon Freed '09 (GRAD) had drafted a proposal to create the position last semester.

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