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Daisy Chen


Louis' Literature: Paleo Planet

    Becky Winkler ’07 did not expect to publish a cookbook when she graduated from Brandeis with a bachelor degree in Psychology and Latin American Studies.

Shaping the Newsroom

A newsroom, an office with a group of reporters, is a spot that records the shifts of a society. One of the most recent shifts society has seen came with the rise of digital technology, which has come to permeate the daily lives of most people.

Cultural Connections

Many associate Cuba with communism, the Castro family and the Cold War. These Cuban stereotypes remind many Americans of another political system and cultural circumstances.

Slosberg exhibition highlights Korean culture

Like a number of countries that are adjusting themselves to globalization, South Korea is right at the moment where traditional cultural heritage meets western ideology. Koreans, who are either overseas or staying domestic, set out to express their sensations and perspectives influenced by the world around them with both individual insights and cultural experiences.

Classroom cultivation

On a warm fall afternoon inside a classroom in Waltham High School (WHS), six high school students talk about their own petri-dish experiments using sunscreen and yeast.

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