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Amber Miles


Reform jailing and policing practices in largest Arizona county

Arizona’s Maricopa County takes a harsh stance on illegal immigration ―— but not so harsh as to re-elect the infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Ironically, at the same time that 49.5 percent of them helped deliver the presidency to a man who continues to call for a border wall that Mexico will inexplicably pay for, the voters of Maricopa County ousted Arpaio after 24 years in the position.

Urge Apple to develop technology to reduce cellphone use while driving

As smartphone popularity has increased, so have instances of and casualties from distracted driving; in 2015, distraction-affected fatalities rose by 8.8 percent from the previous year, according to an August 2016 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report. This increase was the highest percent change of all measured fatalities in the report — even exceeding the 7.2 percent increase of total fatalities, which, itself, was the highest in five decades.

Criticize North Carolina’s discriminatory bathroom policy

With unanimous support from Republican state legislators and a near-immediate approval by Republican Governor Pat McCrory (R), North Carolina’s HB 2 became law on March 23 — the same day legislators introduced it — despite protests by Democratic state legislators, according to a March 23 New York Times article.The legislation, colloquially referred to as a bathroom law, sought to overturn a Charlotte ordinance which, among other things, allowed transgender people to use the public bathrooms corresponding to their gender identity rather than those corresponding to their physical sex at birth.

Criticize ignorance and dishonesty in the Republican party

On Thursday, according to a Feb. 26 Huffington Post article, Rep. Pete Nielsen (R) of the Idaho state legislature attended a state House committee hearing regarding new abortion legislation and decided to give his two cents: “Now, I’m of the understanding that in many cases of rape, it does not involve any pregnancy because of the trauma of the incident.” Apparently, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson isn’t the only prominent doctor-turned-politician in the GOP anymore; Nielsen seems to consider himself a medical professional — an obstetrician-gynecologist to be more precise — even though he has no medical degree.

Acknowledge hypocrisy in refugee treatment

Ever since the attacks in Cologne on New Year’s Eve — or even the attacks in Paris prior to that in November — mainstream media has deliberated on the dangers refugees may or may not pose to Western societies.

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