The recent trials and tribulations that the Brandeis women’s basketball team has gone through is a moving, heartbreaking story. I encourage all readers to read the news article on page one titled “Despite allegations of racism and misconduct, Carol Simon reinstated” covering head coach Carol Simon’s reinstatement and allegations regarding her reported racist and abusive misconduct. The Brandeis women’s basketball team’s story is well worth the read, and the article is meant to educate the Brandeis community regarding the recent investigation that concluded and shed light on the topic.

I think the allegations and conclusion of the Office of Equal Opportunity’s investigation come at a particularly prudent time when women’s collegiate basketball is making national headlines, and so are their coaches. Dawn Staley, the Naismith Women’s College Coach of the Year, recently led the undefeated South Carolina Gamecocks to a national championship, and she boasts a record of 109-3 over the past three seasons. It is coaches like Staley who are experienced, humble, win-oriented and who have good relationships with players that truly see success in collegiate athletics.

Without this kind of coaching, sports come to a standstill. I have seen my fair share of different types of coaching, but in my opinion, Simon has clearly crossed a line. The majority of the team has said in impact statements sent to the Board of Trustees and obtained by The Justice that they will quit if she comes back, which speaks volumes about her abuse of power. This is a story that deserves the full-fledged attention of everyone in the Brandeis community, regardless of your connection to sports or not.

All female athletes at Brandeis deserve equity, and I encourage you to read the story on page one in full, so that you may fully grasp the situation and significance of the statements from players. As a student-athlete of color myself, I do not take the University’s decision to reinstate Carol Simon lightly, and while this note is editorialized, the news article I co-wrote is not. Our article seeks to cover the facts of the story and give voice to the players. I hope that Brandeis truly hears their concerns and implements changes accordingly. The team’s voice deserves to be heard, and I hope that you turn to the front page and check it out.