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Alec Siegel


Super Fly

Last Monday in the dimly lit dining room tucked in the back of Solea Restaurant & Tapas Bar, Prof.

Universal language of discovery

From where Jianfeng Lin was born and raised, he could gaze across the six-mile wide Taiwan Strait and make out the skyline of Taipei, the capital of the sovereign Chinese territory and island Taiwan.  His hometown, Xiamen, is a coastal metropolis of three-and-a-half million people in southeastern China.

Purple peers

Aaron Fischer ’15 writes, acts and directs for the Undergraduate Theatre Collective and loves watching Woody Allen films.

Innovate, develop, repeat

The Hassenfeld family name is one that Brandeis students are quite familiar with. It can be found written in silver lacquer on the front of a handful of buildings around campus.

To the Netherlands, from Rabb

In spring 2015, Brandeis English Prof. Dawn Skorczewski (ENG) will teach an innovative class that combines her interest in Holocaust writing and passion for collaborative learning in a course titled “The International Legacy of Anne Frank.” The course is designed to allow Brandeis students to interact directly with students and faculty in the Netherlands.

Fulfilling the promise

Prof. Dan Perlman’s (BIOL) new office has two desks and a beach ball-sized inflatable globe. Sunlight pours in from the huge windows that line the wall.

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