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Former Catholic chaplain was removed after alcohol-related ‘incident’ with University student

(11/06/18 11:00am)

Father Walter Cuenin, the University’s Catholic chaplain from 2006 to 2015, was removed from ministry and his position at Brandeis due to alcohol addiction and a “related incident” involving an adult male student, the Archdiocese of Boston’s Secretary for Communications and Public Affairs Terrence Donilon confirmed in an Oct. 3 email to the Justice. The University had originally attributed Cuenin’s departure to unspecified “health reasons”in a Jan. 13, 2015 email from Dean of Students Jamele Adams.

President Liebowitz outlines vision for future of Brandeis

(10/30/18 10:00am)

University President Ron Liebowitz urged the Brandeis community to strive for a strong, secure and sustainable future in a speech outlining his vision for the University  yesterday. About 350 people attended the all-campus presidential announcement, with more watching the livestream, in which he shared the “Brandeis Value Proposition,” his framework for the University’s future.

University negotiators and the graduate student union bargaining unit reach a Tentative Agreement

(09/04/18 10:00am)

After a year of negotiations, a Tentative Agreement has been reached between the chief negotiators of University and the bargaining unit of the Graduate Student Union. The TA, which has not yet been released, will be voted on by the approximately 240 members of the bargaining unit on Sept. 18. It is yet to be ratified by the University, but it is expected to pass both parties’ ratification processes.

Condemn untrustworthy actions of government officials

(10/03/17 10:00am)

While some may call President Donald Trump a misogynist, he is anything but that. He has appointed a woman to one of the most powerful positions in the White House: senior advisor to the president. She has authority over many important policy areas, such as Middle East peace, government reform, opioid crisis management and criminal justice reform. She is also the liaison to China, Mexico and the Muslim Community. Her name? Jared Kushner.

Evaluate political climate parallels in America and Poland

(01/31/17 2:53am)

Protesters fill the streets, demanding reform. Women call for the right to choose. Government officials criticize the press for its supposedly biased reporting on policies and government proceedings. The fate of the constitutional court is uncertain, with judicial appointments being disputed for months. The country’s government is completely controlled by a single right-wing party that has a majority in both legislative houses and heads the executive branch.